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new solo player need advises - expension

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This is a rather difficult question.

Would you consider on buying more after tthe first one?

Then I would suggest the Black Riders. That one has great player cards, cool scenarios, familiar scenarios and are designed for pplayer with only one Core Set too. This box would give you a great feel about how the game works and so you could consider more APs or DE.

No more after this one:

My personal favorite would be the Road Darkens just for the Gandalf hero, but I think Khazad-Dum could be cool or then again The Black Riders.

And what do you consider the best? Easiest to learn the game? Strongest player cards? Most players cards?

I have refered to it a lot, but even if you don't need it, it's a great read: the buying guide on the blog TalesFromTheCards, https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/new-player-buying-guide/ .

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I had a similar question, and I figured it would be better the post it here then start a new thread.  


I got the core set for my wife and I to play together (we don't do well with competitive games, but co-op, we do great, plus LOTR= brownie points :) ).

anyways, we have the core set and would like to get more expansions to have more quests to play though once we get tired of the core ones.  what expansions should I get in what order that would add to the game play but still be beatable with the core set + the expansion?


thanks in advanced.  

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I am a solo player who sometimes invite a friend or play two-handed, and I would recommend this order:


The Road Darkens. (Really fun scenarios, fighting the Balrog can never be dull. Gandalf Hero and his toys, ally Galadriel and Bilbo, will make a deck that can carry through a lot of stuff.)


Khazadum. (Not sure how I feel about the three scenarios in this box, but you need this to play Dwarrowdelf. And people vouch you can use Dwarfs to do almost anything.)


Watcher in the Water. (One of my favorite scenarios just so much exhilarating action. Loragorn is a staple-ish player card. Arwen, Elrond's Counsel, Sword That was Broken.)


Foundation of Stone. (This one has the staples as much as you can consider cards staple in LOTR. Glorfindel+Asfaloth+Light of Valinor.)


Shadow and Flame. (Really fun scenario too. Elrond+Vilya. Power cards that will carry you through really terrible scenarios.)


If you are still up for more, then I would just suggest buying based on themes/traits. Or just get everything >.<

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Deluxe box: black riders. Hands down, no contest. For the reasons gandalfDK gave.

AP is more difficult. You interested in the player cards or scenario?

Given both: I'd say The Stewards Fear. Direct playable outlands deck plus gondorian shield & a good scenario.

I'd recommend this one first & foremost.

Player cardwise: The Foundations of Stone: The Glorfindel power pack simply cannot be beaten.

Tho the quest is build for multiplayer games.

Scenariowise? That's tricky. Everyone likes different quests.

Some of the playerbase favorites are ( to my knowledge, not my own top )

The Redhorn gate, Massing at Osgiliath, Steward's Fear and the newer The Three Trials.

Taken from different cycles, & 1 PoD.

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