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Streamlined Magic Deck proposal

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There has always been much discussion and corresponding opinions given in order to find a standardized way to play FFG's version of Wiz-War.

The topic most often discussed that I have seen is which optional rules to include, and how to best construct the magic deck.

While I haven't witnessed much in the way of a consensualy agreed upon standard for these topics, I have seen that the 'Big book of spells' optional rule be a pretty consistent recommendation. Mostly because of ease of setup. A common complaint I have seen in real life is that game setup should be simple in order for new gamers to buy then play a game.

But as expansions are added, the unwieldy size and dilution of the deck becomes a problem. Even without expansions, dilution can be an issue.

The following article is our groups attempt at addressing this issue, for new and veteran players alike. To form a single standardized magic deck of 85-100 cards following the content rubric found in the classic game, that still allows room to be tweaked similar to how FFG has set up their schools of magic. While also addressing some other common complaints; like too many counterspells, spell redundancy, and cards that seem too situational when used in such a large deck.

Streamlined Magic Deck for Wiz-War

There are a few other game tweaks for Wiz-War such as spellbook themed tuck boxes for cards, 3D hirst arts Wiz-War boards, random labyrinth generators, etc. that can be seen through this link:

Wiz-War game pimps

Constructive feedback is always welcome.

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