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First play-through, first impressions and thoughts

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Initial experience


Rather easy to learn, really smooth gameplay, very interesting scenarios and potential escalating situation that may or may not affect some or all players.


Flavour texts on the cards are a great read (out loud) and enhances the experience a lot; And beautiful art.


The unique mechanics to the different characters added a lot of flavour.


We had a great time and laughed a lot at our misfortunes and interesting encounters on our journeys.


Where the experience was lacking a bit


The game-board is a bit big, I hope there will be expansions, but not game-board extensions.


Not enough monsters to encounter, we went through the bronze and silver monster tokens rather early, and only "spawned" two golden and encountered one; Most (if not all) of the monsters were too easy after having just a few development cards on the table.


It felt too easy to get rid of the Foul Fate tokens and Damage tokens.


Getting money and managing our coin purse felt trivial and a non-issue (in a bad way). For example there is only 2 routes that costs money to travel via, which left the "feature" feeling a bit cheap.




Having the monsters represented by tokens felt awkward somehow, mostly because it felt like there would've been room for more diversity if they were represented by cards instead.




We got a bit sad when the game ended, which is a good thing, we wanted to play more!


I'm looking forward to potential expansions to the game.


What I want to see in the future


More monster tokens.


More money sinks.


More damage/foul-fate token magnets.


More setback/foul-fate cards that escalate into more setback/foul-fate card draws.


New maps, map modifications or smaller extensions; Already hard to fit everything on a rather big living room table.


Thank you for the good gaming experience and for many more play-throughs.


Kind regards,

One happy customer

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Well said, Hrodban!


I agree on all points (especially the need for more cards & monsters)

Since I bought this game, it replaced Eldritch Horror as the favorite two-player game with my wife.


The only thing to complain about is the big board ... it's really hard to setup FFG games, because of limited table space and unnecessary huge boards.



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After a few more play-throughs in my game group, here's some player interaction wishes.


1) More Foul Fate and Setback cards that punish some or everyone at the table/region/town.

2) Good Fortune cards that puts others (like the leader or runner-up in VP score) in harms way.


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I'd argue that gold is actually well-implemeted in the game. Other than the two naval routes, you often need it for quests, for bribing Dandelion's friends, and also to pay yourself out of harm's way or gain minor benefits from random events.


I think it's a very underrated game, and   enjoy it as is.


However, I'd like more monsters as well, and thematic scenarios that alter victory conditions in some way  so you'll have additional  objectives to achieve than just racing for victory points.




For our 2-player games, we've adopted an interersting houserule a user proposed on Boardgamegeek:


whenever you take the investigate action, you may only  draw from an investigation deck  that matches the color of the location you're in.

By extension, you cannot choose to investigate in locations that don't award leads. 

This makes locations feel more different.


We're also playing with limited development rules. That is,

you cannot have more than 3 active development cards in your play area at once.

Whenever you gain extra as part of a reward, discard down to three after choosing the ones you want to keep.


It just speeds up the game, I think, and prevents characters from becoming all-powerful due to combination of effects.

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