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Replacement for BAIT Treachary card

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Finally a best solution for Daybreak Treachery deck. As for my group...we pref Base Game + Pegasus + Daybreak, we don't like CFB at all. And what all this three together misses is that sometimes game feel so empty without a fighting the basestars,raiders,considering that the original BAIT card is...nah...can't say its "pointless",but its worst of all in Treachery deck.


We came with this solution...Its practically same card as original Broadcast Location Treachery card (from Pegasus) with minor "tweak".We all know that "old" Reckless skill check maybe never happened in one game,and that every treachery card from Daybreak expansion resolve every time they came into a skill check...so we thought that this may be the perfect card balance replacement for BAIT card (from Daybreak).


Broadcast Location
Treachery - 0
Skill check: Place one basestar in front of Galactica and 1 civilian ship behind Galactica. If there is already a basestar on the board do not place an additional one.
[if a human player discards this, they draw a mutiny card.]


You can look at the actual image of a card at Board Game Geek site.

Last weekend, we tried a new tab above that is homemade made.
As we all already know less of a problem BSG have is that Cyclon Attack Cards (shorted - CAC) do not come so often. Someone is already on these forums has calculated that there is a constant 15% chance to be the next CAC Crisis Card that will be drawn.
After last weekend, when we tested the new BROADCAST LOCATION card, we concluded that the new replacement card instead BAIT Treachery card is much better than the original. In two games this effect is triggered only 3-4 times.
Now ... imagine that the new cards as a form of "small" settings (CAC) and that no matter how many times appears in the skill check it is still the same as the original BAIT card as long as there is at least one basestar. If there is no basestar on the board simply card then serves as, as I mentioned previously, as a small setting (CAC) + original BAIT.
From now on the original card will take place in the box of Daybreak,and the new one will take place instead smile.gif

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