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Seattle/Puget Sound/Western Washington Organized Play Master List

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Join us at Phoenix Comics for our October tournament - "Highlander" Where there can be only one, of each faction.

Rules for this unusual casual format:

* 100 squad points
* Each squad must consist of three ships, one from each faction.
* Faction restrictions still apply for your three ships
* Unique pilots and upgrades are unique across the whole list, so no taking Rebel and Scum Nym

Other tournament info:

* Store opens at 11 so people can set up early. Tournment starts promptly at NOON
* $5 entry fee
* Q3 kit prizes
* 3 or 4 rounds of swiss depending on number of players, no elimination cut
* 16 players maximum
* Guns for Hire content is not legal for this tournament unless it gets a wide release before October 22. Which it won't. But I thought I would make it clear.

Phoenix Comics and Games

113 Broadway E, Seattle, Washington

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