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Seattle/Puget Sound/Western Washington Organized Play Master List

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Below is a living list of the game nights and store-based tournaments in Western Washington. I update this whenever something new is available, so post comments if you know of a new event or recurring game session. Also, please encourage your home LGS to be diligent about keeping their Facebook events page, wall or website calendar updated, and let them know that they can post here for free promotional space for their events!

New!  Master Calendar!

We're now populating a calendar page for all X-wing events in the Evergreen Squadron area.

Check it out!


(Below is an image, not live, but you get the idea....)





Upcoming Events

Start times are either the beginning of registration or the actual start of Round 1.  Your responsibility to find out which and to show up early enough.



6th-8th:  Washington Regionals hosted by Uncle's (Redmond)  Seattle Center, Details TBD

21st (Saturday), Card Kingdom (Ballard)  Super Smash Wing skirmish.  1:00, $5



18th (Saturday):  BC Regionals at Westcoast GT, Vancouver (Burnaby), BC.  Details TBD



3rd-5th:  Endor System OPEN at ECCC, Seattle.  http://www.cascadegames.com/star-wars.html


Snohomish, Island, Whatcom and Skagit Counties and Other Points North:
Lynden - Heroes' Resource (Facebook)
Sundays at 1:00

Players' group


Bellingham – Dark Tower Games (Facebook)
Tuesdays at 6:00 (6-10 players)
Bellingham Warhamsters: Local Minis Gaming Group with strong X-Wing interest



Bellingham - The Comics Place (Facebook)
Currently no regular play, but runs occasional tournaments.


Bellingham - Cosmic Comics (Facebook)

Currently no regular play, but runs tournaments every other month.


Oak Harbor - Battle Den Games and Hobbies (Facebook)
Game Nights, Thursdays at 6:00, (X-Wing mentioned occasionally)

Marysville – Wandering Havoc Games (Facebook)
Every other Saturday at 1 (4 or so regular players)
Minis wargaming group, including X-wing


Lake Stevens - MOB Games (Facebook)

Thursdays, 4:00-10:00 (8 players)


Everett – Game Shire (Facebook)
Friday evenings. ("At least a few people")

(Occasional alternative format tournaments)

Everett – The AFK Tavern (Facebook)
Wednesdays at 6:00 (~4 players, often involves HotAC)


Everett - MuGu Games (Facebook)
Sundays, Noon-Close (4-8 players)
100 Point Tournaments, every 2nd Sunday


Lynnwood – Round the Table Game Pub (Facebook)
Thursdays at 7:00 (X-wing and Armada open play) (10-16 players)



West Sound/Kitsap, Jefferson, Clallam Counties
Port Angeles - Dragonrail (Facebook)
Monday night minis, includes X-wing: Mondays 4:00-8:00pm


Port Angeles- Anime Kat (Facebook)
Saturdays at 1:00  (2-4 players, up to 12 players during league)
Player meetup Facebook group


Silverdale- Avalon Comics (Facebook)

Star Wars Tabletop Wednesday Evenings (incl. Armada, IA and X-Wing)

Facebook Group:  Second Order

Silverdale - Dragon’s Horde (Facebook)
Tournament:  First Saturday of each month, 3:30-Close (8+ players)

Summer Kit Tournament, Saturday September 10, 3:30.  $5


Facebook Group: Kitsap X-wing


Bremerton – The Game Wizard and Blue Sky Hobbies (Facebook)
Mondays at 6 (10-20 players)

Silver Squadron (Facebook Group)

100 point Tournaments every 2nd Sunday of the month, generous store credit prizes, 11:00, $10


Bremerton – Discordia Games (Facebook)

Every other Friday, 6:00

First Friday of each month, 100pt Tournament with Game Kit support, $5  (6-10 Players)



Bremerton - The Comics Keep (Facebook)
Not much info online, but apparently has 4-6 X-wing players on Fridays or Saturdays

Seattle (Greenwood) – Game Gurus (Facebook)

Seattle (Ballard) Card Kingdom/Café Mox (Facebook)
Thursdays at 6:30 (12 or more regular players)


Seattle (Capitol Hill) Gamma Ray Games/Raygun Lounge (Facebook)
No more regular play due to lack of space.

Seattle (Capitol Hill) Phoenix Comics and Games (Facebook)
Sundays at 1:00 (3-5 regular players)

Monthly Tournaments, 3rd Sundays, 1:00, $5


Seattle (West Seattle) Meeples Games (Facebook)
Wednesdays at 6:30 (5-10 people) (Includes informal league)
(also Saturdays at 8)
Monthly Tournament: Last Sunday of each month, 12:00 (3-4 swiss rounds, 100pts, 60min)  $10.

Facebook Group: Sons of Ackbar West Seattle


Bothell – Zulu's Board Game Cafe (Facebook)

Thursdays at 7 (4-8 people)

League Night, open to all: Tuesdays, 8:30


Redmond – Games and Gizmos (Facebook)
Mondays (Casual Gaming includes X-wing and Armada) (4-8 regular players)
Tournaments, 3rd Saturdays of each month. Noon, $10

Redmond - Uncle's Games (Facebook)

Wednesdays at 5:00 (X-wing and Armada)

X-wing League

Bellevue – Mox Boarding House (Facebook)
Thursdays at 5:00

Thursday Night Scramble (3 rounds Swiss, 8 player cap) 

Bellevue - Uncle's Games (Facebook)
Any regular play here?


Issaquah - Heroic Knight Games (Facebook)
Tuesdays at 5:00 (6-7 regular players)

South Sound (South King-Pierce-Thurston Counties):
Kent – Blind Dragon Hobbies (Facebook)
X-Wing and Armada Open League, Fridays at 6:30
Miniatures Free Play, Sundays at Noon

Federal Way – Fantasium Comics and Games (Facebook)
Sundays at 3:30


Tacoma - Terracrux Games (Facebook)
League Night (open), Thursdays at 6:00  (6-14 players)

Facebook players group

Tournaments Second Saturday of each Month, 12:00, $5

Tacoma – Tacoma Games (Facebook)
Saturdays at 2:00
ELO-style League (Closed Facebook group)

Tacoma – Uncles Games (Facebook)
Tuesdays at 5:00

Wave 9 Celebration Tournament, Sunday Oct 9, 11:15 signups, $10 (max players 12, preregistration available)  Summer Kit Prizes.


Tacoma – Northwest Sportscards Game Center (Facebook)
Fridays at 4:00


Tacoma (Lakewood) – The Game Matrix (Facebook)

Fridays at 7:00 (~8 regular players)

Game Night Kit (Summer Kit?) Tournament. 3 rounds.  Sunday, September 18.  12:00, $5 


Tacoma (Spanaway) – Roadside Hobbies Games Unlimited (Facebook)

Puyallup (South Hill) - Game On! (Facebook)

Olympia (Lacey) – Gabi’s Olympic Cards and Comics (Facebook)
X-wing Open Play, Tuesdays at 6:00 (10-24 players)

Tuesday Draft League: Draft Day Sept. 13, Season Sept 20- Oct 24

Hangar Bay Tournament with Wave 9 Prizes, Saturday Sept 17, 12:00, $15

Facebook Group: Olympia X-wing


Olympia - Forever Knights Gaming (Facebook) (New Facebook Page)
Thursdays at 6

Online Groups

Evergreen Squadron on Facebook (Main Facebook Group for Western Washington

Pacific Northwest X-Wing Gamers on Facebook (Regional group centered around Snohomish County Play)

X-Wing miniatures – Emerald City Squad (more Seattle specific group

Greater Seattle X-Wing Google Group





Evergreen Squadron Radio  (Facebook) (Soundcloud) (iTunes):  Monthly hour-long local program, featuring a local store each episode, as well as tournament reports, etc.


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I added the new Uncle's Games at the Tacoma Mall to the list.  There was a posting on SSFPG about the possibility of organized play there on a Monday at 7:00 at the end of February.  If this interests you, make yourself known.


Also added were:

AFK in Renton (Mondays)

Tacoma Games in (you guessed it) Tacoma (Scenarios/Roleplaying every other Friday) 

Blind Dragon in Kent (Thursdays?)

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Blind Dragon Hobbies messaged me to say that they were going to try to have an X-wing night this Thursday.  Don't know what time.


I'm going to try to keep up and have one time events listed under stores as well.  Any new or temporary information will be in red.

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May I add Dark Tower Games to the list?

1431 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225


Tuesdays @6PM. Not strictly an X-wing night, it's club night for the Bellingham Warhamsters but X-wing is a staple!

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Added the Bellevue Uncles games, but I don't have any info about weekly play.

Added Terracrux Games in Downtown Tacoma, which has a group that plays Thursdays at 5:00.

(Seriously, where were all these game stores when I lived in Tacoma? It used to be just American Eagles and Game Matrix)

Also, formatting isn't perfect, but writing HTML from an iPhone is annoying.

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Made several additions and new links for leagues and one-time events.

It might help to remind your store or event organizer to post info about upcoming events in this thread, and I'll keep it on the big list until it happens.

I was considering creating a public Google calendar for all the recurring and one-time events in the region, but it looks like it would be an overlapping mishmash. Any other ideas?

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Gabi's Olympic Cards and Comics is starting up a league night on Tuesdays at 6 pm.  I believe that is when they also have open play, but I have been out of state for the past month.

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Not sure if this has been posted in this section before, but here is the X-wing Regional sign-up:




Tickets are $21 and change for admission into the Expo and entry into the X-wing Regional. Not bad considering some regionals are charging over $30. Get them quickly. I'm sure there is likely a cap on the number of participants.

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New Info!

Spring Tournament Kits at:

Card Kingdom in Seattle, May 30

Games and Gizmos in Redmond, May 16

Terracrux Games in Tacoma, May 9th

Gabi's Olympic Cards and Games in Lacey, May 16


And new Bi-Weekly play at Uncle's Games in Tacoma!


Updating will be more frequent after last month's hiatus.  Bandwidth is limited in Cambodia.

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