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My thoughts after first session

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The long awaited day when I started playing with my friends arrived yesterday! (I have been waiting a good month to play). I just wanted to share with you guys some of my insights. Sorry this is so long!


I totally threw out the "vote for your character accuracy" thing. We just wanted to play! Plus with only 10 points, I felt like it was kinda limiting how well you could make yourself and still be balanced.


I have never GMed before, I had an idea of what I wanted to happen, but things didnt work out how I wanted it to, kinda. So I took the idea of what I wanted and let the players bend and shape it. Ill be better prepared for the player's wrenches next time.


I only had my zombies have 6 stress total. I found that guns made it much easier to kill them, but I also counted uncancelled doubles with any weapon as a "critical hit". One guy managed to get a critical with a baseball bat. Without weapons to give them damage bonuses it was hard for them to kill 2 or 3 zombies at a time. They didnt get any guns until they killed the zombies in front of the house where the guns were. 


My biggest concern was them dealing damage to the zombies. I wasnt to worried about them taking stress. I usually only gave them 2 or 3 negative dice, and tried to give them more positive dice, or at least an equal number. 


What I ended up doing to make it easier to kill the zombies, was give the zombies more negative dice than positive, which made it harder for the zombies to deal damage, and they took more stress.

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In my first session the group didn't actually "kill" any of the Infected (Under the Skin). They hogtied the first one they ran into (Me ;) ) with a handy extension cord, fled the shop we were playing in, began looting a nearby Dollar General, saw a Horrifying Abomination coming for them, ran, went to a Lowe's, grabbed some equipment, saw 2 or 3 Infected, ran...and that's where we ended for the night.


They also ran off a possible NPC friendly by creeping him out to much with their discussion on how to "kill zombies" and which weapons would be best.

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