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FFG - Can you please provide the Skirmish maps as images?

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You don't have to look very hard to find copies of all the available maps online.  So all this does is basically provide people with free content, they print the map from FFG and print the actual map with detailed objectives from the pirated sites and bam.  I can see FFG doing this maybe... but not Disney.  So I guess it depends how much control Disney has on the product.


And if the past has been any indication, the mouse doesn't mess around.

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I'm in the process of scanning all my tiles right now, and I will be assembling my own images as others have so I can print them.
However, why not also use something like this?  Use those images for something other than simply printing?



It has been mentioned that the maps are 17"x22".  sqrt(17^2+22^2) is less than 28".  A 40" TV should handle them just fine.


If you already play other board/miniature games, this might be a great option!

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