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Local Armada Groups

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Hm.  this may be the first time I've seen this thread, and i not apologies.

Groups I occasionally play with:

Firstly, the big group:  Bay Area Armada.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/BayAreaArmada/

If you're in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, or a nearby county (basically anything between Monterey and Sacramento west of the Nevada border) join up and we'll do our best to point you in the direction of local gaming groups.  And if you're on the Nevada border, we know a few Nevada gamers too!

More locally:

Endgame (Oakland, CA):  bi-weekly gaming group on alternate Mondays in the evenings, a mere two blocks from the 12th St BART station!  Come grab a game, then after your devoured by two Sato Peltas come drown your failures across the street at the brewery.

Game Kastle Fremont (Fremont, CA):  Most players have moved to GK Santa Clara for regular games, but this is still probably the oldest location for East and South Bay gamers due to its convenient location.  Generally on Sundays, confirm in advance via Facebook.  Seth Amsden (store manager) is a former Games Workshop manager who can talk you through nearly any custom paintjob or modification you care to think about. And he knows your artistic bull**** better than you do.

Game Kastle Santa Clara (Santa Clara, CA):  Thursday night gaming in the South Bay near San Jose Int'l Airport and Avaya Stadium.  Most consistent weekly group and host to some really stellar players from IRL and Vassal tournament play.

Game Kastle Mountain View:  Specifically designed to host massive tournamen ts such as the Bay Area Open, GKMV has stellar play areas and friendly staff.  GKMV is not exactly close to anyone or anything, but when FFG has major events in the Bay Area GKMV is the go-to destination.  You'll definitely get some players here.

Heretic Games:  Players on the peninsula play here when not playing at one of the GKs or Endgame.  Nice store, decent area, but I'm not too familiar with it.

Great Escape Games (Sacramento, CA):  a solid game store with a massive warehouse for gaming, and they really try to go all out for the FFG crowd in the surrounding areas.  sadly, I'm no longer in a position to hit this area regularly, but I have had two great tournaments here and the staff is excellent.

Mythic Games Monterey (Montery, CA):  Mythic is a small chain in the south bay, with stores in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Salinas.  They're hosting a Store Champ in the Monterey location, and your worst case scenario is whiffing a day in one of the most beautiful California destinations you can imagine.  Mythic has been actively working at the store level to boost its Armada player contingent, which should be recognized and rewarded by any players in the area if possible.  Call or check their event page for games.

Online:  It wouldn't be Silicon Valley without online players.  @itzSteve and myself are occasionally available for vassal, and I also do TTS games now.  I can't speak for Steve, but I'm always looking for games on Vassal and TTS, especially since I have a shift that keeps me up between 1am-4am!


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Fair Game in Downers Grove IL (western suburbs of Chicago, one block south of a Metra train line stop) meets on Thursdays starting around 5:30. That's where you'll find @geek19 and me most Thursdays.


There's also a more all-purpose Chicagoland Facebook group for Armada for a few of the other areas that meet up:


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That's the link for the Twin Cities Armada group on Facebook. You can find a game every Tuesday at the FFGC or Thursday at Tower Games in south Minneapolis. Typically speaking someone will make a post a day or two in advance where people can state their intentions and line up a match in advance - we hate to see people make the trip and end up with odd numbers.

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