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Local Armada Groups

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Hm, perhaps if you would add Rainy Day Games and Dice Age Games to the Portland list. Even though the latter is across the river in Vancouver WA, we still claim them as ours.




Another group, partially focused on conversions



Cool , where are you based out of? Can you give me some info on where you play? I cant really add you to a location based list without some more info.



Updated info to show new group


Penrith, NSW Australia, 7pm thursday nights at the Hall of Heroes



Added. Would have made my job easier if you included a link and not just a name ;)


Here is our local Space Station in a Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Cumberland Maryland





Add for Quebec: Quebec City www.facebook.com/groups/armadaquebec




And Malaysia!


Thanks for compiling.


Added, and you are most welcome!



The Netherlands. Most of us are still waiting for wave 1. ...


Added, hopefully you get everything soon! Or have already since it took me a week to update...


Excellent initiative!

Our group of players of Armada, X Wing and Imperial Assault is Buenos Aires, Argentina. regards

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/287775654695462/

Forum: http://www.battlemaster.com.ar/index.php




I removed the stores without groups and gave them their own thread, see link in revised description.

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Great thread, CobaltWraith!  Thanks so much for maintaining it.


We are the 760th Fighter Wing, made up of the local X-wing and (now) Armada players in the High Desert of Southern California, US (Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia & beyond).


Our website: 760thfighterwing.wordpress.com

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/highdesertxwing


I run the group & website and am the local TO (X-wing).  Please hit me up with any questions or comments.



We play at LineBreakers in Victorville, a great shop catering to all tabletop, card, and roleplaying games and more.


Store website: www.linebreakers.club/

Store Facebook: www.facebook.com/linebreakers

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