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Players in Frankfurt/Main, Germany area.

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Hi, I'm regularly in the Frankfurt area. Was wondering if there are any fellow X-Wingers to be found.


False error did you ever find a group in Frankfurt. I'm flying in on the 18th to see family in Gessen. Was going tk see if there was a group playing from then to January 4th.

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Sorry for the late reply! Did not find a group yet, but you could try the orc's nest in Mainz. Also, there is a German-speaking forum where you may have some luck:


Hope you find some people to play against!

Also, I'll prolly be in the area around the 28th-29th of November. If you have the time we could squeeze a couple of games in. Just need a location.

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Hello, I'm also go to Frankfurt in January for 3-4 months and I'd liked to play there...


And there's a shop in frankfurt that sell Xwing, IA, etc?


Thank you

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Terminal Entertainment
Grosse Eschenheimer Str. 41a
60313 Frankfurt/Main





JK Entertainment

Eschersheimer-Landstraße 267

60320 Frankfurt/Main



Both shops selling FFG-Stuff!


AND JK Entertainment would be the first place to go, if you like to play some X-Wing!

Every Monday at the JK Store (19:00)

and friday (18:00) at the

JK Entertainment Event Store

Gwinnerstraße 36 / 428

60388 Frankfurt


I'm sure there will be some players around, who you can play with!

Uhm,... maybe you should visit the german forum, already mentioned above...

There you'll also find our Frankfurt X-Wing League, hosted by our X-Wing Team "Crimson Aces Frankfurt"^^ ;)


We also meet on privat basis.



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