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LF 1 Player for RP-focused Campaign

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I am a GM looking for a single player to join a campaign that is 1 session old. The player must fit the following:

1. Be VERY well versed in 40K fluff. You don't need to be a walking Codex, but you should know background and, most importantly, how various character archetypes would conduct themselves.
2. Be prepared to ROLEplay. The focus of this (and all my) campaign(s) is RP. Be prepared to do so in-character and via voice comm.
3. Have a mic and use it.
4. Be available on Sundays between 12:00 and 8:00 pm PST. Start times vary, but sessions will generally be about 3 hours and fit inside that range.

If you fit the above, keep reading...

The campaign I have in mind is sort of a mix of DW and BC. The characters are members of a Space Marine chapter that was wrongly(?) accused (and convicted) of heresy by a particularly influential inquisitor. The chapter was summarily attacked while gathered in conclave to discuss recent events and declared excommunicate traitoris. The players are survivors of the attack. They have no confirmation that any of their brethren have survived or where they may be, should there be any to be found.

While each player has their own opinion of what should be done and how they should go about it, there is a shared belief that the Inquisitor responsible should be punished and, perhaps in so doing, the name of the chapter can be cleared.

Note the folliwing:

  • More detail on the campaign will be given to those that express interest.
  • The players are NOT disciples of chaos, nor are they likely to become so. This is not Black Crusade. The characters are renegades in name only. Renegades that were thrust into that role though no action of their own.
  • The chapter was made by the players using the DW chapter creation rules. The selected player will be a member of this chapter. This is not negotiable. To that end, the character will be a space marine - noting that Chaplain, Apothecary and Librarian are taken; no further specialists are likely to be permitted.

With these details in mind, I seek another player to join the 4 already in the campaign. The existing players are members of my stable of players - those I have been GMing for exclusively for well over a year (3+ in some cases). That said, anyone expressing interest should have a strong personality and be willing to integrate themselves quickly into the flow of the campaign and the group dynamic.

If you are interested, reply to this thread stating your interest. That should be followed by a PM to me expressing your interest and with any questions you might have.

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If you’re still looking I would love to join! I have 6 years’ experience with 40k rpg's, and I collect and read all the 40k books. This sounds very much like the Soul Drinkers and I adore the novels.

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