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Painting: Stormtroopers

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After my friend had completed the Royal Guard he opted for the 9x Stormtroopers, we had sat for a couple of nights discussing the paint schemes for these since we know the troopers are white.


However, the 3 squads will have their differences noticed by the following paint schemes.


1st Stormtrooper Squad - White with the left shoulder Orange (E-11)

2nd Stormtrooper Squad - White with the left shoulder Yellow (Rifleman)

Elite Stormtrooper Squad - Nova Trooper Black & Gold


Over to my friend.


Started on the next batch. Storm trooper squads, all models were given a white undercoat as on the left. Two squads of 3 troopers will get a Nulln wash as in the middle set, the black squad on the right will be our elite squad "Nova" corps. ..... please exuse the crap photo, there is some bad lighting in here ^^



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With several Projects on the go the Stormtroopers have been put to one side for the last couple of days but today they are back in the cross-hairs of the paint brushes






The white Troopers will have sand flock and have some dirt staining, The Nova Troopers will shine 

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