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Dr Tak

Questions after couple of games

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(sorry for the double post... but I had posted my question in the wrong forum it seemed)


One of my friend who work for a gaming store loan me a copy to try  out... so I was wondering if I should buy this game.


I just played a couple of tutorial and aftermatch mission as the IP and we had questions about the game.


I appologize if it's somewhere in the rules... I tried to find most of the answers, but it's still 2 books to go through without going over something.


we where 3 players, so both player had the legendary card.


Question 1: since we have no idea about the other scenario, we were wondering if the rebel players could just "always rush" the objectives without killing the imperials... 1st go at aftermatch, they took 3 turn to open the door while i kept reinforcing my stormtrooper card... and then the player who was playing the jedi just open the door, got seriously injured by the e-web blaster, but still managed to destroy all the consoles whitout killing anything else beside the e-web...


So basically... will this always be the "best way" to win for rebels ( i'm just wondering about the longivity of the game if players always end up doing the same strategy (basically the same problem with game like pandemic and Camelot)



Question 2: yes you can rush the consoles... but do you really have time to open the chests?


Question 2-1: if the 1st player finishes the objective... do you finish the turn? hence letting other players open chests, etc...


Question 3: is there a way for the IP to block a path whitout putting 2 miniatures deep or can the hero just spend more movement to just go through?


Question 4: I'm sure it's in the rules... but do other miniatures block line of sight?


Question5: in your personnal opinion... after doing the campaign a couple of time... what is the replay value of the game?



Thank for your time


note... I wish it had been a warhammer 40k game... i do prefer it to starwars

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I have played the Aftermath Mission a few times, introducing a few new player to the game.


Question 1: Rushing alone doesn't work. On my second game The rebel player had incredible luck with the white dice and just evaded all my shots, they finished the mission on turn 5. My third game I played a bit more clever and had a bit better luck, I nearly killed the Would-be Jedi Character (I don't remember the names) when she open the door, rolling all the dice and attacking twice with the e-web is insane. On turn 6 I still had 2 terminals left. If they didn't rush they might have actually won. So no it doesn't always work. 


Question 2: Both games 2 and 3 all the crates were taken.

Question 2-1: Yes the game ends when all the consoles are destroyed. 


Question 3: Having to spend 2 movement point to move past a Imperial model slows the playes down considerably.

In game 3 at the entrance to the Storage room and had two units of storm troopers. They struggled to get past. 


Question 4: Yes, even friendly models.


Question 5: I cant get enough. We are now busy with the campaign, and I can see myself playing this often, also I'll play as a player with the next campaign.



$0k is good and all but I like the Star Wars Theme way more.

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I played my first Aftermath mission today and have a question about Winning condition.

Mid of Round 4 Rebels destroyed the last terminal but in campagin status phase the Probe Droid use self-destruct and defeated/wounded the last non wounded hero.

So, who won the game? Does the winning condition fulfilled immediately?

What about the winning conditions for IP: wound all heros.

Does the game end immediatly if all heroes wounded or does it mean that the IP needs to defend the terminals until end of round 6 anyway?

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The mission ends when all terminals are destroyed. Once the final terminal is destroyed, the mission ends. The game stops. The Probe Droid wouldn't self-destruct because the mission is over.

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The mission will list what ends the mission. As soon as one of these conditions are met, the mission ends. Immediately stop playing that mission and proceed to the Upgrade Stages.

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I too have found the "run to objective" strategy to be meh as the IP. But that's like saying why are they <doing what they need to win> so quickly. We must remember that the objective is not to destroy <said object> and defeat all bad guys. It makes more sense anyways, Luke and Han didn't kill every storm trooper in the Death Star, they jumped down the trash shoot.

As the IP we just need to play smarter. I lost aftermath and the subsequent life debt side mission due to stupid playing (and taking the AT-ST as an open group which never got played). Instead of focusing all firepower on one hero till they were wounded then moving to the next I played into their hand and spread out the damage.

Also I'm sure there are objective based missions for the IP later on.

So which ever team has the objective focus primarily on that. To the other team/player do everything in your power to stop them reaching the objective!

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Rushing is not alway the best idea. Some missions rely on the rebels to tactically rest to replenish their resource and some need them to tactically activate mission objectives to not get overwhelmed by enemies



This depends on the player. With equal skill, the rebels should get only about 1-2 crates or they run a sizeable risk on running out of time for the actual mission objectives.



No. The mission ends as soon as victory conditions are met. Heros can not play unused turns to collect crates!



No you can't block easily. You need to have a figure on the target and one in each adjacent square, then the rebels can't get in. Rebels need to stand on a free space on or adjacent to the objective to interact with it.



Yes, miniatures block LoS. They do not block LoS to themselfs though (so you can "target" the far corners of the field the target occupies for determining LoS).



We are deep into our 2nd campaign and have only played 1 mission twice ... Aftermath. Other than that we played on 17 different missions so far and most of them felt quite different. Also there are 6 heroes for 4 rebel players and 3 imperial class decks. Playing 2-3 campaigns is a must to get a good feel for the game (which should take you about 40+ hours!). After that, the actual replay value starts and you still get to see new stuff after your 3rd or 4th playthrough (about 50-60 hours in). This is without any addons or packs. I'd say it has a very great replay value.

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