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Painting: Imperial Royal Guard

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I am not taking credit for these, this is a W.I.P from a friend of mine who loves painting Minis so my Royal Guards went for their paint job 


Poor camera images but least you can see whats happening




After using a craft knife and needle file to remove any mold lines, these miniatures get the usual white primer.




Primer Dry, I apply two coats of Cadmium Red acrylic paint.




Once the base coat was dry I mix 8 parts Cadmium Red ink to 1 part Ultramarine blue and apply generously over the entire model.....





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Next in the line to get done are the Stormtroopers  :) we spent a while other night going over the 'legacy' squads and the result will be interesting. 


The new thread will no doubt take you on the journey.


P.S the guy who said use the 'loom' child bracelet making elastic bands to keep the cards segregated your a genius!

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Your IG have some pop! I like the red that you used on it. Mine are still in the process of the final touches, once I finish all my mini's. My first time painting miniatures and I do enjoy it...


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