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New Campaign, new edition, new questions

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I have been playind DH1 for many years and I know DH 2.0 has some stank on it. I know I wish some things were different, but meh, with some of the new rules changes and tweaking, I've run into some curious encounters with my group.


I have two tech priests in the group and one of them got the Luminem Shock talent. It says the character "always counts as being equipped with a melee weapon..." I figured this is in reference to mean once he has this talent, even when not using it, he/she will never suffered the unarmed penalty of -20 and will replace the 1d5+SB-2 as long as he actually declares using it. Presuming this is true, I also would assume that means his arms themselves now can be used to parry and counter attack as it says treat it as a melee weapon. Yes?

Lastly, I am not sure how to handle this question: lets say he counters a power sword or any powerfield weapon, he would not suffer the 75% chance of breaking the weapon correct? Or if he does, would it just break his talent until repaired or would it imply his whole arm is defunk, since it itself is now considered a melee weapon. I know the book hints for natural weapons and other exceptions to simply be ignored or assume something and just ignore the complex mechanics it may cause.


Any thoughts? At the momment, I just told them, yes they can, no they don't have to worry about their arms being cut off (by the chance die, anyways). 



The next question. DH 2 does not seem to have any explicit reference to preventing multiple psychic castings. One of my players pointed out, that he may be able to cast a physic power which is offense and then a defensive one, as longs as their subtypes do not conflict or overlap, i.e. casting Foreboding (Reaction- outside of his turn even if he had cast a psychic power during his turn such as Misfortune [half action, subtype: attack, concentration])*

Or another example. He takes a half action and casts Flame breath: subtype attack and then tries to cast Objuration Mechanicum: half action, subtype Concentration.


He argues correctly that their subtypes do not overlap and thus he can do both. My knee jerk reaction is to say yes to the reaction, as that was true in DH and it makes sense as its not in his turn. The second however I am skeptical. I told him no, as it has always been exceedingly rare that anything other than a greater daemon of Tzeench can cast twice in a single turn. But the rules to say the subtypes are the guidelines to follow. 


Again, I am skeptical as 2.0 pretty much treats powers and their effects the exact same as weapons. Can anyone clarify this or give input? 


Last rule specific situation I have run into. My psyker asked if he can do called shots with physic abilities, in particular he was using Assail. I was unsure, but again, since they streamlined all the rules to function the same way, I told him yes, he could call shot it, with the same penalty as it would be if he was shooting (-20 to his focus power test). Was I correct in this, or do you guys disagree? 



Thanks interwebs in advance.


*it did occur to me that, the focus power test may be the actual type of action which should be refrenced and not the subtype, but I am unsure. 

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Replying from my phone, so my responses may sound odd:

1. (On Luminen Shock as a Weapon) - With how melee weapons work in DH in general, the only true unarmed weapon is true unarmed. Completely naked, a character with Luminen Shock can choose between fighting unarmed and Luminen Shock, but Luminen Shock doesn't replace, or benefit from, Unarmed-based things. Inferred from the book's wording, but your mileage may vary. I know mine does.

2. (On Luminen Shock vs. Power Field) - There's no corresponding weapon quality, but I'd say Luminen Shock would fall under the [(Deadly) Natural Weapons] Trait rules. In other words, yes, Luminen Shock'd arms are given blanket immunity to being destroyed by Power Field weapons.

3. (On Multiple Psychic Powers a Turn) - I personally don't have a problem with multi-casting. More chances to spring the dreaded Perils of the Warp card. Should players sling a slew of powers consecutively, I may even force them to roll for Psychic Phenomenon even if their test indicated otherwise. Also, I believe Foreboding is exempt since it defies the "1 Concentration-subtype/Turn" restriction by dint of being a Reaction.

4. (On Psychic Called Shots) - I don't see why not. It would be stranger to disallow Called Shots in my mind. Plus, Called Shots engender creativity. That's the name of the game, so I say let them.

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I'm not so sure about that last point regarding Psychic Called shots.


Called Shot specifically states that it's either a Weapon Skill or Ballistic skill test, nothing is mentioned about Psychic attacks or Focus Power tests.


I think you need to treat Psychic powers as something parallel but different from normal attacks, unless stated otherwise, like Dodge to avoid certain Psychic attacks. Things like combat modifiers for instance don't apply to Psychic powers (range, darkness, ...), unless the Psychic Power actually states it.


Since Called Shots are not mentioned I'd say it can't be used in combination with Psychic Powers. The attack type keeps referring to standard attacks, which aren't used here either, neither the negative modifier to BS/WS when used.


I realize that Called Shots also mention the outside combat shots, like hitting the lock of a door from a distance. I have no explanation there, allow a Psychic attack to hit it right away, no modifier required? 


But yes, if this is so accurate, why can't you target certain body parts of your enemy in combat then? *shrug*


There are some holes in the rulebook here and there. I don't think houseruling Called Shots for Psychic attacks would be that bad.

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hi man i was just looking for an answer for something about psychic power (that i didnt found by the way :c ) and i found your post, i didnt wanted to necro a post but i wanted to answer one of your question that you had and one that meaby other people still have:


"Or another example. He takes a half action and casts Flame breath: subtype attack and then tries to cast Objuration Mechanicum: half action, subtype Concentration."


your player cant actually do this, because you cant take the same action in your turn with very little exceptions. 


"half actions A Half Action is fairly simple; it requires some effort or concentration, but not so much that it consumes a character’s entire turn. A character can take two different Half Actions on his turn instead of taking one Full Action. Readying a weapon or making a Standard Attack are both examples of Half Actions." (page 217)


And to manifest a power you must do an action called "Focus power".


"Focus Power

This action is used to manifest psychic powers in combat. Every psychic power specifies an action type and one or more subtypes. For more information, see page 194." (page 221)


So by RAW he cant

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