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Question about activating heavy raiders

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Hi there,


I was wondering about what happens in a given scenario. Could anyone confirm if I am right please?




One or more boarded centurions on the boarding party track, with the most advanced on the track not being close enough to end the game with a single activation.

No heavy raiders in space.

One or two basestars around Galactica, still able to launch cylon raiders and heavy raiders.

Heavy raiders are activated by a crisis card or cylon fleet.


I understand the rules to say that cylon centurions are not heavy raiders, although they activate together. Also, that when there are no HEAVY RAIDERS on the board, each basestar launches one heavy raider when heavy raiders are activated. So here, if I am right, the boarded centurions will advance and each basestar will launch one heavy raider. The fact that there are centurions on the board does not remove the fact that there are no heavy raiders.


I accept that I may be wrong about this, but this is the best sense I am able to make out of the rulebook. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

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This is from the FAQ:

Q: How exactly does the 'Activate Heavy Raiders' icon work, especially when there are Centurions on board?
A: (official rules):

1.If there are any Centurions on board, move them all one space forward (move a stack together -- there is no limit to how many can be in one space).
2.If any Centurion is on the last space, the game is over; Cylons win. STOP --> you are done
3.Are there any heavy raiders on the (main) game board?1.YES: Are there heavy raiders next to the Viper launch areas (on the main game board, a.k.a. sectors 5 and/or 6)?1.YES: Is the number of heavy raiders on those areas less than or equal to the number of remaining Centurion tokens?1.YES: Place one Centurion on the first space of the boarding party track for each such heavy raider, then remove these heavy raiders from the board. Go to step 3.1.3.
2.NO (not enough Centurions): The current player chooses which heavy raiders, that are next to a launch tube, board Galactica until all Centurions are on the boarding party track. The heavy raiders next to a launch tube that cannot board because of a lack of Centurion tokens stay on the main board, without moving. Go to step 3.1.3.

2.NO (no raiders next to launch tubes): Continue to next step.
3.For each heavy raider NOT ADJACENT to a viper launch area on the board, move it one sector closer to the closest launch area. STOP --> you are done.

2.NO: Are there any basestars on the (main) game board?1.YES: Launch one heavy raider from each (unless it has a damage token preventing this, possibly two if modified by a Cylon Attack crisis). Did you run short of heavy raiders while playing with the Cylon Fleet module from Exodus?1.YES: Take the extra heavy raider(s) from the lowest-numbered sectors on the Cylon Fleet board until you have taken enough. If you still can't take enough, current player chooses where to place them. STOP --> you are done.
2.NO (not using Cylon Fleet or didn't run out): STOP --> you are done.

2.NO: Are you playing with the Cylon Fleet module from Exodus AND are there no Centurions on board?1.YES: Are all the heavy raiders already on the main game board and/or Cylon Fleet board?1.YES: Advance the pursuit track (place Civ(s) if needed). Did the pursuit track reach auto-attack?1.YES: STOP--> you are done.
2.NO (not auto-attack): Take the contents of the single sector with the highest number that also contains a heavy raider and place on the main game board. STOP --> you are done.

2.NO (all heavy raiders not already on main and/or Cylon Fleet board): Roll the die and place a heavy raider on the Cylon Fleet board in the indicated location. Advance the pursuit track (place Civ(s) and/or handle auto-attack if needed). STOP --> you are done.

2.NO: (Not playing with Cylon Fleet module OR at least 1 Centurion is on board): STOP --> you are done.

Maybe I'm missing something, but the way I read above is that you activate all Centurions first. Then you activate any heavy raiders. If there are heavy raiders on the board or basestars, you activate those. But if there are no heavy raiders or basestars on the board. Then you are done, unless you have no centurions, then you place a heavy raider on the CFB.

Case 1: Centurions and heavy raiders on the board. (All of the above activate)

Case 2: Centurions and basestar(s) on the board, but no heavy raiders. Centurions activate and each basestar launches a heavy raider.

Case 3: Centurions on the board, but no other cylon ships on the board. Centurions activate, but nothing else.

Did I get all of the above cases right? It seems to me that the best way to remember this is that you activate centurions. You always activate heavy raiders, regardless of whether or not you have a centurion on board. And you only activate the CFB if you have no heavy raider activation or centurion.

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