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Treasures, wonders and objects of ave...

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Aye Explorers
I'm reading this forum for many years and it always strikes me how difficult is to find a "good treasure".
It refers mostly to archeotech but it's far to easy to find sentences like:
You found 4PF worth of archeotech and treasures..."
Those things may be consider priceless by common man but we are Sirs and Ladies of the Imperium and we deserve so much more!
I always thougt of something like an enormous list of fantastic ideas for truely fantastic relics and artifacts.
Many brilliant ideas are scattered here in various topics and I want to create one big list to copy paste existing ideas and add much more to this.
Maybe I'll start and then you could add something more.


1) An Ogryn, big and bulky and in any other way exemplar of it's kind...but with an IQ of 100 point or more
2) 4 Space Marines Thunderhawks
3) a Stormbird
4) Armour of the Sacred Guard like in Blood of Martyrs but fully functional, with all the bonus systems that the Marines armour posses and still holy as hell
5) rumour that Silver Ship possess highly advanced STC based scanning analizing chamber, it will scan any equipment that will be bring to this huge chamber and after analizing it will start preparing a blueprint for it
Let your players get there while on rank 1 or 2 and gain blueprints for their power swords, plasma pistols and auspex...they will do ANYTHING to get their hands on more advanced equipment and relics and try to board this ship again...fighting absolutly any horror GM will throw at them
Blueprint for a power armour...done
need to establish a manufactorum producing volkite weapons...no problem
or maybe you want to sell the technology of creating stasis fields to "one" of Calixys Forge World...no problem
6)Thallax Cohort
7) preserved in time a number of Space Marines...Legionaries,from the traitorous Legions like Luna Wolves or Death Guard, one of those that gave their lives on Isvaan III fighting to the end for what is true and holy
8) a Custodion helmet, a relic and a piece of wargear priceless in itself but it got a few seconds of pict recorded EMPRAH in battle
9)a Fellblade
10) the vault of Karrad Vall contains only normal,potent and unholy weapons right...nope,it also contained many holy relics, that fiend did not know how to destroy or seem them to dangerous to leave them, in the same manner Holy Inqiusition keep demonic weapons
11) Land Rider Proteus
12) an artifact that was already posted here (and I'll be glad if someone could find IT for me)
a clonning device that makes perfect specimens of any hetero or homogenic samples of genetic material, beeing it a human, a Tau, a herb, beast, virus...
You need a "perfect son"...or maybe you struck the deal that every decade a navigator house of your choosing will get a perfect specimen? mixing Space Marines with female genome? Cloning Primarchs?!?!?!?!
Cloning a perfect body for the ressurection of the Emperor?
Possibilities are endless
13) cache of Volkite weapons of various sizes
14) access to original Zayth Capital of times,tech,purity and knowlege long forgotten
15) STC plans for creating Zayth land ships,or maybe smaller batlle platform the size of aircraft carrier ship, one that could be assembled on the ground from prepared parts in a matter of days
16) Legio Cybernetica Battle Automata cohort
17) 10000 years old remembrancer preserved in stasis
18) Space Marine battleplate of previously unknown mark and design
19) chronophagic melee weapon ( one of it's example is possesed by commander Farsight)
20) a chronic of important Imperial battles and occurrences that are YET to happen...and it's already proven right
21) Ordo Chronos seal, codes and letter witht YOUR name upon it that directs you to the specific time and place in the middle of nowhere
22) a Space Marine Librarian that was looking for you for ages and dozens of sectors for there is a great destiny that is you to take part in it
23) 14 preserved geene seed of chapter of GM choosing
24) a Ring to Rule them All a potent digi weapon of uncertain xenos origin that contain a grawitational weapon of unprecedented force
It can crush a bio titan flat ,like pancake, it can smash into into face of a horde of greenskins or tyranid horde with a force of thousand G's or topple every spire in a Hive City
It have 3 shots,after this it will suck dry every energy source within few km
To reload it would take away energy of a Ramiles Star Fort produced in 48h
Fire your last shot in the middle of traitors Battle Ship or a group of Titans and you are a winner...do the same with your bionics and power armour in the middle of a tyranid swarm and you are as good as dead

24)A Ring to Rule Ewerything That is Left-it can contain multiples (like 7 or 9) amounts of cubic metres the size of a soccer field

"We have an army...yup...and i've got this ring"

You could deploy colums of tanks,stockpiles of ammo and stuff of a company or space marines...you could also capture a living Trygon, Carnifex, Necron Battle Construct that will otherwise will be imposibble to capture...or simply throw a few thhousand cubic metres of rock on your enemies simply flying above them on your jump pack


I hope you will enjoy this ;)

Sorry for crappy english, it's my second language.


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Humans untainted by any form of mutation or warp taint, possibly from a crashed sleeper ship launched before the discovery of warp travel, drifting through the stars for eternity. Men of Gold in other words, not the genetically modified colonist/spacers that were known as the Men of Stone (which all humans are descended from today). Or even a gene library containing templates of original terran flora and fauna... perhaps... EVEN ONE OF THE HOLY CHICKENS! THE CREATURE SAID TO TASTE LIKE EVERYTHING AND WAS SO DELICIOUS IT WAS EATEN EVERYWHERE ON TERRA IN AGES PAST!

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My favorites are 1) books that raise a character's knowledge, and 2) tools that raise a character's Trade (something) skill.


But also,


Space Marine items:  powered armor (the kind that doesn't need recharging), terminator armor, thunderhawks, other flyers, any vehicles (but scout bikes rock)


Master-crafted items that give re-rolls, or are Proven, Felling, Sanctified, etc.  I have no problem making up items like this on the fly, though I also like the tables given in Stars of Inequity.


Brain tape machine


Aqua vitae


The Emperor's favorite house slippers


and there's always starship components that are just different, say a combination assault scanner/passive detection array or a simply better Ultra.

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A battle standard once carried by the Emperor (or Horus, if your people are into that sort of thing) himself.


An un-imprinted arc-flagellant servitor, inquisition grade.


An ork that thinks he's a human, and proudly serves "DA EMPRAH".


A void kraken lure, or perhaps even... a harness?


STC patterns for warp navigation cogitators that do not rely on navigator input. (I'm sure zero Navis Noblite assassins would find the party.)


Personally, I like to give my players things that force them to make hard choices. Where the right thing to to might be to just burn it and move on, but OH IT'S SHINYYYYY.


It should also be noted that "wondrous" need not mean "useful". I've given my players all kinds of things, from ancient power armour to deadly xenos weaponry, and to date their favourite loot remains a box of moth-eaten felt hats. It's all a matter of what the audience wants =P

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I love giving my players interesting and bizarre pieces of gear. Their last haul, from the half-destroyed vault of a light cruiser was one box of spook, á 15 or so doses, one of those sievestones from Into the Storm, one box of Theophist's Philtre, three bottles, one stun-sphere, and one bottle of herbal liqueur. The spook, since nobody bothered to ask the astropath what it was, caused a minor daemonic incursion when the Explorator tested it on humans (Perils of the Warp is amusing).

Other than that, the Stryxis excellent if you want to show players the weird and wonderful things the galaxy has in store. Also excellent if you want to creep them out. The merchant they met mad some kind of archeotech sword that the Rogue Trader was very keenon, but was ultimately too squeamish to sacrifice over one percent of her crew for it. It is a power sword with the Indestructible quality from Stars of Inequity, with some more bells and whistles attached. Slapping on a Stars of Inequity quality on pretty much anything makes them so much more interesting, I find.

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Well all battle standards carried by marines are relic,also ones belong to Sororitas or famed heroes of Imperium like Drusus or Macharius.

And it came with the plot in build ;)


As for Aqua Vite I once think about a huge "wase" that is filled with liquid that can cure any illnes and act as a rejuvenation potion.

And to make matters more interesting it could be not the liquid but the wase itself that transforms liquids to aqua vitae.


I always thougt abouy the scheme to brainwashed tau Earth Caste engineer to belive that he is working for a greater good.

Secrets of nano crystaline alloys anyone?


A kraken egg.


Unfinished project that merges Tau battlesuit technology and Imperial ancient tech like Contemtor and Battle Automata parts...

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On my link below is a list of Archeotech / Treasure.  Some examples that previous people mentioned and I copied for humor (or use which was humorous) are attached below for easy viewing


Emotion mask - A collar studded with many precious gems and jewels, which glimmer and sparkle. Once worn, it adjusts itself to the wearers emotions, and can be used to portray those emotions in the manner its wearer requires. Viewers will think the wearer more empathetic, more in tune with their ideas, or more intimidating.


Half of a "Rite of Duplessence" in a stasis vault. You know, the procedure where the brain of another member of the Adeptus Mechanicus is integrated in the mechanical body of the explorator who can communicate by thought with each other. The secrets the vault brain could tell the explorator! Especially the secrets that no one is supposed to know of course.


The crown of light: A best quality helmet with a crown like headgear on top. In the crown, there is one clear gem. If activated (voice) the gem emits a constant blinding light. Anyone facing the wearer counts as blind, no "contemporary" technique is able to do anything against this. Those who cannot turn their eyes fast enough (routine agility check) will be temporarily blinded for (10-TB) rounds.


The light-less cloak: A heavy black and un-reflecting cloak (or cape) made of a strange material. It counts as a good quality flak coat (for stats!) but has AP 5 against all laser based attacks. The cloak will warm up if under fire, but will give this warmth to it surrounding rather than to the wearer (which is isolated by the cloak). After a couple of hits, the air will start to flirt around the wearer of the cloak and those within close combat range must pass toughness each round or will gain a point of fatigue. The wearer better wear some kind of breathing gear as well, or he will suffer from breathing incredible hot air!


• Two 50 cm black metal disks. Each has two buttons, white and black.

 o White, the disk is immobile, and levitates if it was activated in the air or void. Can support the

weight of a Baneblade Tank.

 o Black, the disk returns to normal and weighs 100 grams.


Firebats. Storm trooper carapace armours with flamer coils and tanks built in, running along to release torrents of flame below both arms. Have them count as best quality Flamers, give them an extra 2 AP on the back but if it penetrates it sets off an explosion. Maybe emblazon the suits with Ecclesiarchal motifs from before the Age of Apostasy?



Archeotech Component - Bridge of the Eternal Vigil

This ancient bridge design, which borrows from that of the most powerful land-based war machines, the Titans, is viewed by many with more fear than awe, as the very idea that the ship's Lord-Captain would be permanently interred, never to again leave his command throne, is terrifying to consider.

Only the largest, most powerful ships are likely to receive this upgrade, and only if an individual willing to be forever merged within their ship can be found. To the willing recipient, radical procedures are performed, removing many of their internal organs, and replacing them with powerful cybernetic devices, which will be able to carry them on through the centuries. They are permanently anchored into place, becoming immobile, but their connections to the ship allow them to perceive, and to manipulate almost any system from the bridge, as if the vessel, itself, was an extension of the Lord-Captain's body and senses.

Man in the Machine: The ship's Lord-Captain, who has been integrated into the bridge, gains Machine

(4), though this trait does not affect the recipient's mind, in this case. Their Movement permanently becomes 0. They also gain 1d10 Insanity points, due to the initial broadening of their senses, and an additional 1 Insanity point each time the ship sustains a critical hit (a Difficult (-10) Willpower Test can negate this, as the Captain has become more fortified by his condition).

The Walls Have Eyes: The Lord-Captain's insertion into the ship's systems gives him unprecedented observation and interaction with his crew. While this can make for a much more smoothly running vessel, it can also grate on the crew, who quickly learn that there is no place on the ship, their home, where the Captain is not watching and listening to them. Permanently reduce Morale by 5 points.  From now on, due to the speed at which the Captain can respond to any problem and give orders or inspiration to the crew, any crew or morale loss will be reduced by 1d5 points to a minimum of 0.

One With the Hull: The embedded Lord-Captain has senses, and control, over almost every inch of the vessel. When this ship is the victim of a Hit and Run action, he treats the opposed Command Test as a Routine (+20) Command Test, rather than the usual Ordinary (+10) difficulty.

One With the Weapons: His union of sensors, skill, and weapons grants the Lord-Captain's ship increased accuracy. All Ballistic Skill tests to fire the ship's weapons conducted by the Lord-Captain gain +5.

Hull: Cruisers and up | Power: 3 | Space: 1 | SP: 3

Hull: Battleships | Power: 5 | Space: 3 | SP: 3 (apparently, Battleship's stuff is a lot bigger)


                                                       Craft                           Squadron

Archeotech Attack Craft           Rating      Speed        Size        Special Notes


Storm Interceptor                     +15            11               18            None.


Empire Bomber                         +0                6                 7             Bonus Payload: Can cause up to a  

                                                                                                             Strength 4 hit


Mk 1 Thunderhawks                +5                8                  8            Multi-purpose: Designed as either a

                                                                                                           Bomber or Bomber / Assault Boat an

                                                                                                            Assault Boat. No change in rating, but use

                                                                                                            must be designated before launch as it

                                                                                              cannot support both functions at the same time.


Brightsword                                +0                6                 4            Bonus Payload: Carries one Torpedo per Bomber Torpedo

                                                                                                            Bomber so Brightswords can launch with

                                                                                                             4 Torpedoes total, instead of Strength 3. 

                                                                                                             Pg. 13 BFK.

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I always prefer to give items that are both a curse and a blessing.


One such item is a pair of occular devices (glasses) that were used by spies in the DaoT, best auspex etc. They are of course cursed with a bloody history of death and betrayal, but the player's don't need to know that ^^

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I always loved the Carnelian Sievestones. I once got a really big one, and used it to upgrade a colony's food and water distribution. Good times.

My players failed miserably in identifying it, so it is now a slightly exotic but elegant fruit bowl on the great conference table.

As a lover and frequent user of Carnelian Sievestones and a xenotech loving heretic, that both deeply infuriates me for its improper use and yet is also freaking hilarious.

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I posted some of this stuff in another thread, but for some reason can't find it now.


The Art of Trade: This thick byzantine book is a much sought after work penned by one Sun Tzu, who was among the first of Rogue Traders. A man who founded almost the entirety of a sector on the basis of his own personal skills of manipulation, trade, and war. There are only four remaining copies known to exist, so this fifth copy is incredibly valuable. It is widely believed that each copy was penned by Sun Tzu himself and that a curse he laid upon them results in great tragedy befalling anyone who attempts to make copies of the original.

The book provides an in depth look at commerce and the tactics and techniques by which a merchant can ensure his business empire flourish and his enemies wither and are absorbed.

One who thoroughly studies this book and has it on hand for frequent reference and examination receives a +10 bonus to Commerce and Barter checks as well as the Scholastic lores Beauracracy and Judgement specifically pertaining to trade and business.

The book is so valuable that if one should choose to sell it (and could find a buyer with that sort of resources) it would provide a +1 to profit factor.


The Stasis Coffin: When the huge stasis coffin's field is shut off and the lid cracked chill mist seeps from inside. A black mechanical hand grips the rim of the coffin and a massive armored form hauls itself to it's feet. It's motions are deliberate and smoothly abrupt if it can be called such. The armor that sheaths it's body head to toe alternates between blued steel and shiny black in color, except for around the mouth, where a pale and human looking lips and cheeks can be seen. A long black slit of a visor shields it's eyes. The shining domed head swivels to regard each person in turn before settling back the one who'd opened the coffin.

Your move, creep.”

Investigation reveals that the creature before you is an unusually intelligent servitor. It knows that it was once an Arbitrator. After his death in the line of duty the arbitrator was converted into the form of a Crusader Pattern battle servitors, which are known for their extreme durability, if not much in the way of agility or speed. What was unusual is the amount of the man's original mind and personality that managed to cling to it's mortal remains.

When informed of the events aboard the Light of Terra it will indicate that that appears to be a legal transition of ownership, and will request to know who it's new owner is.

Special: While no longer an Arbitrator or even a replacement for a proper bosun, when allowed to act at it's own discretion aboard a ship this servitor is an excellent aid for maintaining order. It provides a +10 bonus on all checks relating to the suppression of mutiny, crime, and other forms of sedition against the proper “legal” authority (that being the Captain and his senior crew).

5 points if you know who this is


Armor of the Green Knight

The Green Knight was a man from a feudal world who fought during the Angevin crusade, eventually becoming a Champion of Drusus, one of the Living Saint's trusted aides. This is his armor, an achingly ornate suit of plate armor, complete with gold filigree and green lacquer like coating. It's a best quality suit of sanctified Feudal plate that lacks the primitive quality and provides a +10 to willpower on tests against fear. It also counts as a Reliquary of St. Drusus (core book pg 30)


The PC's have encountered, and boarded, a giant dirigible that's capable of operating as a small aircraft carrier (36 craft). They're trying to figure out how to get it off the world it's currently on so they can bring it back to their colony.


They've just acquired a super-heavy APC that's got the armament of a normal tank and platoon sized (30) carrying capacity. It's not super powerful, but it's big and ornate so the PC's like it.


Once PC has a pet land squid. He befriended it with suplexes.

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1.  Abandoned Imperial Knight or Warhound Titan (watch your players move heaven and earth to get a vessel to carry a Titan)


2. A wrecked (salvageable), Covenant-Fortress. This massive thing on the right-(http://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/2014/11/28/7a6b3fa3b8eb8feb864c16c03b5f59ee_78293.png__thumb)


3. A WMD or two. Massive Atomic Weapons or maybe even Life-Eater bombs or a Cyclonic Torpedo.

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Sort of makes me feel lame for thinking just "a Land Raider, but with no strings attached." I can think of a number of scenarios where it could be fun to go down to the surface in this most pimping of rides, but the red tape of getting one from the Astartes, since every Land Raider belongs to them, is tedious, as is keeping one you "found" when the Space Marines happen to find out you never let them know about it. If I'm being really greedy, also a vehicle, such as a Thunderhawk (just because I don't know what else the Space Marines deposit Land Raiders on the ground with, or, barring that, a suped up Valkyrie that can transport the Land Raider to and from my cruiser. ;)

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Worry not about Astartes equipment. Prove to everyone that you are the most badass Rogue Trader Militant in the sector and they will keep their mouths shut.
Besides, before chapter in question send someone to get their stuff you have at least decades. Use them well



Volkite Serpenta  Pistol   25m  S/-/-   2d10+2E     4     10    2 Full    Deflagrate    Very Rare
Volkite Charger       Basic 55m S/2/- 2d10+3E        4    20    3 Full     Deflagrate    Very Rare
Volkite Caliver  Heavy   165m   S/2/3    2d10+6E   4     30      4 Full    Deflagrate   Extremely  Rare
Volkite Culverin Heavy   280m S/2/4    2d10+9E      4    40        5 Full Deflagrate     Extremely Rare
Deflagrate: For every hit that inflicted at least one Wound on an opponent, resolve an additional automatic hit, rolling for damage as normal. These additional hits do not inflict further hits themselves.

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Laugh Grenade

Laugh Grenade is filled with potent gas that force you to laugh uncontrollably.

Anyone within 10 metres

of a detonating laugh grenade grenade must

succeed on a Difficult (–10) Toughness Test or be overcomed.

If he failed this test then he takes 1D10 T damage.Each failed test means another 1D10 T damage.

Each next test is one step harder (-10)

Each 5 persons affected (laughing) makes this test one step harder (-10)

Three consecutive test won means that person overcome the gas effect and it has no further effect on that person.


For some reason Orks are unaffected by any ill effects of the grenade...thou they will still laugh maniacally while slaughtering your troops  :D

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Annihilator Gun
The weapons planet of origin is a mystery yet what is known for sure is that gun is clearly of human manufacure.
Blue bolts of energy shot by the weapon are known to completly disintegrate its target and because of this that piece of archeotech is as famous as it is potent.
Rumors tells that destruction of Hause Bosin, Excommunication of a Death Cult Avenging Hand and censure and subsequent expulsion of unnamed mechanicus sect are all tied to this weapon when it resurfaced on an auction.


Anihilator Gun   Basic    70m    S/-/-      2D10+6E     6      Clip  40    Rld  4    Special: Maximal, Disintegrate, Devastating (4),Felling (1), Unstable, Volatile


Clips for this weapon are as rare as gun itself and to fully recharge its battery it require high energy output for 36h




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