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Facing The Trials: How to prepare for Store Championships pt.4

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Part 4.  The Trial of Spirit


This trial was one many padawans dread. The trial was a when a padawan had to look inside oneself and look at the darknesswithin them and remove it or at least acknowledge there was something to work on.  As I recall Master Piell called this “Facing the mirror” in the Animated Clone Wars series.  During this trial some were unable to find the darkness in themselves and Masters would point them out. This is meant to frustrate and push the padawan. For Luke this was facing the idea that something connected Vader and him for Anakin it was acknowledging his love for Padme could destroy him.


 In SWLCG  facing the mirror is n’t a look inside yourself, but it is a hard look into your deck and there is only one way to do that. THE INTERNET. The internet and even the SW community is filled  with people and their opinions and unfortunately some of them are trolls. Now I’m not here to bash them and I don’t think there is a point to trolling but there is some value in putting your deck out there.  Take the deck you have been tweaking and post it on Fliptheforce.com or Fantasy flights forum or even Cardgamedb.com.  Make sure you ask for constructive opinions and share why you like the deck.


You will get a mixed reaction for sure, and by putting it out there you may get some ideas you would have never thought of. Maybe someone has been playing the same deck and can give some tips or someone will pay you a compliment and try it out themselves.


So take a risk and let the internet take a good HARD look at what you have and consider it. You don’t have to drop your deck, you don’t have to take their advice. But see what they see.


Check in next week for the final trial, the trial of insight.

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