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skull lleader 86

My thoughts on Commando Raid

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Every week I want to discuss a recently released objective set, so lets a take a look at the Rebel objective Commando Raid that came out recently in Between the Shadows.

First Look at the objective itself.


Commando Raid already impresses me. The card I look forward to most is Seeds of Decay. Discard  a seeds before I strike and place a focus token on Palpatine or a Mara with Lightsaber.  This operation has some great uses and I can see why its limited to One per deck. 






Next we have Lieutenant Judder Page. 3 cost for 2 health. Meh. It’s a good cost for the unit but 2 health doesn’t do so well.  2force icons (average) 1 combat and 1 blast icon make for a decent attacker. I may never want him to attack without someone with shielding. After an edge I could bring back a Fate card. That seems useful just not sure how I feel about spending 3 resources for Judder. 







Page’s Commandos already impresses me. 2 cost. 2 health, 1 combat icon 1 blast Icon and “an enter play” ability. Getting the top most fate card leaves to some interesting tricks. If I use commando Raids ability and discard a Seeds of Decay lets say on the first turn after they commit a unit to the force. On my turn I play page’s commando return Seeds to my hand. I then attack (hopefully now they have no blockers) do some damage maybe take the force. On their turn I seeds the same unit again.  You also get 2 of these units in the pod. 

The rest of the pod consist of two more fate cards, Heat of Battle and Target of Opportunity.




So now that we know Commando Raid what kind of deck would work well with it. Here is my suggestion 

  • 1x Hit and Run
  • 1x Commando Raid
  • 2x Forward Reconnaissance
  • 2x Commando Operations
  • 2x Wookie life Debts
  • 2x Last Defense of Hoth

I’m not saying this deck is the best thing to hit tables since Cinnamon Toast Crunch but it could be fun.  Wookies to protect and do some damage. The Rebels will play some nasty tricks with edge battles and Col Serra and his pod a little extra card draw. The deck only has 11 Fate cards so you shouldn’t have a problem getting at least one in your opening hand.

Overall I think Commando Raid adds something to Rebels and gives some ideas for the future.  

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one use I found with it.

in the new trooper decks you might come across a "while undamaged hoth objective"


you use the objective to drop a Battle of Hoth after your refresh to damage and turn off vader's first or general imperative, as an action.

and they will not have any effect on you or benefit to your opponent.


the best play is the actionable seeds of decay.


for me I ran:


2x BTS luke

2X pilot luke


2x wedge

1x doy4

1z commando raid


all about speeders, speeder enduced crazy edge numbers, and lots of re-occurring fate cards.


I took 2nd out of 10 players this weekend at store championship.

it was a complete bum rush deck and all the fate card shenanigans was awesome!



I was also messing with hit-and-run for a "I win by fate card theory" I think the informats would match perfectly with page and winter's infiltration.....since they are so weak 1DC, you can infiltrate them to make the edge cards double dip, then bounce back to hand and drop them in again next turn.


for me this was a huge refreshing set cuz I have been sick of playing jedi, its all I played since gen-con....I really enjoyed playing the rebels again.

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