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Storage of Game

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So i'm attempting to figure out the best approach for storing my figures, cards, tiles and books.


I would like them to fit in the box and this is what I came up with.




I'm using 1 box from my old SWCCG days, its star wars themed that is why.  it fits all the core cards in FFG sleeves and I can fit about 20 - 40 more.


And then the two plastic boxes are similar to what you can get from craft stores or tackle organizers.


I got them from Oriental Trading.


But now I have the tiles, they are not very fun to sort/find right now so I left them in the original punch outs and put them back after.


Is anybody using something in the box for organizing the tiles?


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I bought the battelfoam insert.. HATE IT ALREADY!. It does't exactly fit without stressing the box. Of course, you can not sleeve your cards,  the double space gunners have a hard time fitting and finally, no expansion room.

Unfortunately BattleFoam's insert slots have had that downside in their X-Wing line too. Had thought/hoped/expected them to have rectified it by now :-(

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Tile wise I've decided to do as follows:

The two largest tiles are stored separately (1&19)

2-10 are wrapped in 1 elastic band with a label "Tile 2-10"

11-12 have a separate place

13-18 have an elastic band and label

20-30 ditto

and finally

31-39 are also tied with an elastic band and labeled

Especially the grouping of 13-18 and 31-39 respectively makes for easy alignment of the tiles in each group when you connect the 1 by 2 square tiles (ie. connect two #36 tiles and so on)

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I have used quart sized zip locks for the tiles.. I sorted them in  1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 

Me too, but my divisions are 1-9, 10-19, 20-29 and 30-39 - just because it's easier for me to say (the twenties, or thirties)...


I also am using a Plano 732 tackle box to store the game - there is currently TONS of room for expansion, but I've had great luck with these boxes for X-Wing and I'm familiar with them.  $39 at Wal-Mart - great buy...

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Does anyone please have a link for the Battlefoam insert? I can't see it on their site.


Is it even worth getting? Sounds like people aren't impressed...


You can find all the options that Battle Foam for IA here:



I've never purchased from Battle Foam before, but I probably wouldn't based on the reviews in this thread, and the cost is a bit much. The $35 one might be worth it... but I won't be purchasing any of their stuff.


There is a pdf over at Boardgamegeek.com with instructions on building your own:


I might go this route, but with the first wave of expansions announced but not released, it seems premature.

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