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Announcing the (Re)Release of LackeyCCG for Star Wars LCG

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It is with great excitement I am announcing a new version of the Star Wars LCG for LackeyCCG! Tragic, the Beta designer, has asked me to complete the work as he is also the developer for a number of other plugins for that system.


The new version includes improvements to both the interface and the card database, equating to a better play experience for everyone and the ability to also use the data with the iPad app that launched for LackeyCCG a few months ago. Probably the biggest positive to come out of this is that it offers our Mac and Linux users a method to play online with their PC user counterparts. For me, this project has been a significant undertaking, and I wish I could have had it ready for release before Christmas, but I was not able to do it.


So why use it? Because it will allow you the farthest reach of players, as anyone with a computer (basically) can use it. Additionally, in the coming weeks, I will be adding full iPad compatibility; it is almost complete already.


Anyways, here are some details about the LackeyCCG program, and the Star Wars LCG plugin in particular.


LackeyCCG is a multi-platform game engine similar to others on the market, offering players the opportunity to build, download and play online their favorite card games. They needn't be Collectible Card Games, but most of the user plugins are. The platform offers no in play automation in the traditional sense, but does have some pre-programmed cleanup actions to make beginning of a new turn or game easier.


Particular to the Star Wars LCG plugin, here are the improvements from the Beta version. Linked are a number of tutorial videos handling the loading, maintenance and gameplay of the LackeyCCG program and Star Wars LCG plugin:


LackeyCCG Familiarization Video (for Computers) <-- coming soon

LackeyCCG Familiarization Video (for iPad) <-- coming soon


Star Wars LCG Plugin Tour <---coming soon

Gameplay Tips and Tricks <coming soon



- All alternate artwork has been moved to a separate set, labeled Promo

- Removed unique from Affiliation cards

- Renamed SUBTYPES to TRAITS to match with the game description (and certain card game text)

- Renamed AFFILIATION to SIDE to match with the game description

- Renamed POD to OBJECTIVE SET to match with the game description

- Renamed FACTION to AFFILIATION to match with the game description (and certain card game text)

- All image faces are *.jpg files

- All "enhance" verbiage has been moved to the ENHANCE column

- "Limits" of quantity (i.e. "Limit 1 per objective deck") have been moved to the KEYWORD column

- "Limits" of timing (i.e. "limit once per turn") are included in the TEXT column

- Removed SPEED column; all speed information (i.e. "reaction," "interrupt" etc) have been moved to the TEXT column

- Fixed issue allowing Objective sets to be listed in correct numerical order

- Standardized the naming convention of cards to allow the correct loading of images

- Removed all quote marks which were causing issues with manipulation of the card data file

- Added ERRATA/RESTRICTED column; all cards with errata feature the errata game text and see the FAQ for restricted rules


"Help me [sWLCG community], you're my only hope!"

So now that most of the heavy lifting has been done, it is up to us to keep it up to date. My work situation after the new year will prohibit me from scanning new images, so I will need your help to keep this updated. I have included a template of the columns used in the card data file in a .xls file. When new cards come out, it will be essential that someone send me images (we will work out details privately) as my purchased cards will be sent to my home and not where I will be. If others - either one objective set at a time or all at once - will use the .xls file to input the card data, then the turn on new release to play-ability in LackeyCCG will could be days instead of weeks.

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Can't download the plugin, I just get a list of file names.

I experienced the same but I think you simply download the actual program, install and run it.

Then inside the program you choose "plugi in" and then it's called either install or "insert url" and then copy paste the weird Dropbox link. Worked for me.

(Better explanation can be given when I'm at my Mac and not on my iPhone)

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Good news! I think I MAY have made a few new Lackey friends to try this liberating platform out... Considering I'm moving to India in 7 months, I sure would love to have some people to play games with me! I am free to play after 8:30 most of evenings. Let's LACKEY!

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Depends. The interface is different, but not unmanageable for someone new. There is no real automation, and it is worth your time to familiarize yourself with the flexibility of the software. The deck builders are similar, but the deck files are very different. In the end, there is not much outside of the automation. I personally like LackeyCCG better.

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