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Facing The Trials: How to prepare for Store Championships pt.3

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 Part 3.  The Trial of Flesh

My favorite trial for  becoming a Jedi knight was the trial of Flesh. If you followed any of the Clone Wars stories many padawans faced this trial as part of their duties in the war. For others like Luke his was his conflict with Lord Vader in Empire strikes back. So what does this look like for a player in the SWLCG? 


Have you heard of playing the Gauntlet. I believe I heard this on a Flip The Force Podcast last Regional season  and it has helped me so much. Playing the gauntlet means taking the deck you have been working on and having it go against the top decks. Have someone you know preferably a good SW player take the top 2 DS and top 2 LS decks. Play your deck against them, start learning more about your deck. Figure out what unit is better against others, and how you match up against other units. Learn all the strengths and weaknesses of your deck against the others. 


Some of you may still be thinking why not just play the best deck option instead of continuing to make a new deck idea work. Well don’t give up, this game needs innovative players, and trust me creative decks are something to fear in tournaments.  If you have ever read the story of Darth Bane they discuss different Lightsaber techniques. How any sith using 2 lightsabers or a double sided lightsaber did not mean they were more skilled it was a way of throwing off your opponent who usually sparred against a single lightsaber user. Use your creativity to your advantage, know how to compete against the best decks, and catch players off guard.


With between the shadows coming out this week(supposedly) we will see new deck ideas but you can still play against Sith Control, Trench Run, Mains etc. Keep up with Store Championship decks that win over the next month.  PLAY, PLAY PLAY. This is what it takes to get better. It’s a trial of flesh so be prepared to be mentally exhausted. This game can take a toll with all the critical thinking for long hours. This will help you out a lot when you find yourself playing in a two day tournament.


Check in next week when we Face the Trial of Spirit. 

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