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Biggest hail mary victories?

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2 players. Azathoth ancient one. Final mystery: close a gate and spend a clue. An investigator is in position to pull it off, BUT...the rumor that prevents gates from closing is in play. The investigator #2 manages to solve the rumor but now we have a new problem. The doom is at 2 and the next mythos card is guaranteed to advance the omen to the green comet which has no gates open but 2 eldritch tokens on it, so 100% chance the doom will go down 2 and Azathoth will destroy the world before the end of the mythos phase before the final mystery is officially solved at the end of the mythos phase.

The investigator on the gate closes it and spends the clue to put a token on the mystery, which will be solved IF we survive the mythos phase which we won't because the omen track will cause the doom at 2 will go down 2.

2nd investigator moves from the Arctic Sea to London and figures a London encounter isn't going to help so he takes a generic city encounter.

"Pass an influence test to gain 1 random service asset from the deck."

Crappy influence, test barely passed.

Searching the asset deck for the first service...searching...searching...


...Silver Twilight Ritual! Retreat doom by 1!

Doom to 3, mythos knocks it down to 1. Final mystery solved.

Inform other investigator that they can be your wingman any time.

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For me it has to be The Great Yig Dogpile. Many brave investigators died in the course of finally taking down Yig for the first time, and thankfully we were able to remove the final hit before doom would've ended the game. 1 eldritch token left on that sheet. Never have dice been rolled so badly...


The state of the board as he finally died: http://i.imgur.com/6XKFQbL.jpg


The victorious investigators: http://i.imgur.com/n7v4L70.jpg (note it was a 4 player game - we lost one during the turn Yig died so a new char hadn't been picked)


The investigators mourning the dead: http://i.imgur.com/Sz29AWA.jpg

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Played against Azathoth solo with two investigators.  Got behind early due to having to close a gate that matches the current omen and dealing with a nasty rumor.  Doom steadily advancing. Eventually solve the first mystery but still way behind and mythos deck already getting low.  Solved a second mystery a couple of turns later, but mythos deck only has a couple of cards left.  Suffer a setback on the third mystery and doom is at the brink of destruction.  Then on the final turn, I complete the final task to solve the third mystery, but I know I have to survive the mythos phase for the mystery to be solved.  I assume that I've lost because I can't draw a mythos card, but it isn't until I check the forums and re-read the rules to find that when the mythos deck is empty, the mythos phase ends and you lose.  Since the mythos phase did end, the third mystery is solved, I met the win and lose conditions at the same time, and I stole a win away from Azathoth at the very last second!


Note:  This was my FIRST game of Eldritch Horror.

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