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Arkham Horror Encounter Statistics

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Just approved on BGG:


Its a spreadsheet (available in both .ods and .xls format) giving all sorts of information regarding what you can encounter in both locations on Earth and Other Worlds. For instance, what % of the encounters are "Good", "Bad", or "Mixed"; what's the chance that you may end up losing sanity; etc.  

What makes this unique is that it includes info from ALL the expansions (including Innsmouth).  By changing some values on the first sheet you can indicate what expansions you are using and the information updates immediately.  

Warning: This can be considered to be a MAJOR cheat sheet - if you are new to the game you will lose the thrill (agony?) of learning where the high frequency gates are located at. None the less, I find it useful since it reminds me, for example, that if I'm going to R'lyeh that I might want to make sure that my investigators Speed is at max, since no matter what expansions are used, the most common skill check is for speed.


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 Giving this is a bump: the file has been updated to version 1.3 at BGG (same link as original post).

Update includes:

  • Revised Curse of the Dark Pharaoh added (orig still present as well).
  • Miskatonic Horror added.
  • Summary table answering: when a gate opens, what is the chance it appears in Arkham/Dunwich/Innsmouth?
  • Summary table for % of double doom and monster surge only (e.g. Strange Sightings) cards
  • For new Next Act mechanic, summary table list likelihood of drawing a card triggering a transition from Act N to Act N+1 (based on environment and Next Act cards in play).


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