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Newbie question about Priest of two faiths

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Hello, i´m a new player to the game. I have a question about the card Priest of two faiths (the spoken covenant 43). After reading it´s response text i´m not sure if i am playing it well. Does it mean that the target of the response will have no icons until the moment all characters are uncomitted from stories? (this being the ending secuence of the story phase). Or do they apply in the final icon struggle?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the icons are not actually removed for the duration. They are just not counted. At least that's what the definition of 'count' says for skill in the FAQ:

(2.30) Counting Skill
Some effects reference counting skill
or not counting skill. These effects do
not change the actual numbers on the
. They only mean that the skill is
counted or not counted during the skill
comparison at the story.
(emphasis mine)

If I'm correct that means, that e.g. while not counting the card's terror icons might cause your opponent to lose the terror struggle, the character would still be protected from going insane.

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