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DIY Card Storage System

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[moved post out of another thread]


Hi all,

I was looking for storage solutions for Talisman-cards, nothing to my liking came up. 

I decided to make my own card-boxes using cardboard (from spaghetti box, as a test).
I covered them with felt, also underneath, to protect my boards on which the boxes will slide (= occasional scratch)


test-box close-up:



here's the idea:



- keep cards for one region together
- No hard parts (don't scratch my board!)

- All boxes should fit in the box 

- Be easily adaptable (to allow more cards)

- Build should be easy/cheap too (printer, scissors, glue, .. time, ..)


Each new Talisman extension brings an adaptation of the size (length) of the decks. So it's easier to adapt a file, print, cut and glue them once or twice .. than having to add/buy boxes on the side, for the same decks .. in my opinion anyway.


I designed them now in a Sketchup (v.15) format (on scale). Flattened them out by hand (like pepakura would do), and gave them a texture. (for which I thank 'Talisman Island's' Master: Jon !)


Here are some example-pics: (test-rendering)


Big Box: (contains all big cards)



Dragon Lord Box:


Highlands Box:


Magic Box:


Purchase box:


QuestBox: Quests, Talismans, Rewards



Flattened layout example of 'Questbox':


In case someone wonders, I don't have the 'into the woods' extension just yet, because I play the game in French. (still to come) So no 'wood-box' for now.


Now the problem is about printing and paper-weight. 80Lbs/300gms should do it, I think, but where can we go to print these nicely ?? (buy printer, online print, ...)
I don't really know about a company who would do the efforts for a 'one piece' print only. But some of you might have a good printer capable of printing on cardboard.. (preferably coloured cardboard, otherwise the inside of the boxes would be white .. yuk!)
Maybe FFG could do a print on demand-thing.. (although that seems wish-full thinking, it would be simple for them, as editors, imo)


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Should you want to print these yourself:

download latest version of Sketchup here: http://www.sketchup.com/.
download the .skp files 


All boxes (no Woodlands): [https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uqdpxs1csax5z1k/AADhuQvpEB2RMcl1EBjEfQy7a?dl=0]



please also check my friend google for following search-string: "Sketchup Print to scale". All are fitted for A4 paper format.  ;-)


Materials needed:
- something to cut (cissors, cutter, ..)
- something to glue (I used wood-glue)

- something to spread the glue evenly 
- something to press (books or something, eventually a press-roll)
- bit of patience, perseverance, and motivation


Step by step ...

boxes printed on normal paper, choose matching cardboard color (=inside color of finished box.)





put glue on cardboard


Spread the glue as evenly as possible



Put print on glued-in cardboard, and roll over it with the press-roller .. the flatter the better



Once glued, put them in between phone-books for drying, and flattening (phone-book takes moist away from the glue) .. leave 24h for it to be sturdy, and stay flat. (will curl if you don't)



Start cutting away ..



All boxes cutted .. 



Now we need a cutter (and ruler), to slightly 'cut' on the opposite side to where we want to fold (due to the thickness of the cardboard)



Folds done using the ruler, for neat clean folds.

Last step is to glue everything together


Final result




Anyway, I thought I'd share my idea/files .. with only one condition: please give feedback when you adapt, someone else might be interested in your adaptation too. (like me for example  ^_^)


For the pawn-box (tokens), I'm still working on a carboard-model. (still have to figure out were to put the other tokens [woodlands i.e.] )

To be continued.. 

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I made a small aid, to set your Sketchup printer settings right .. If one would venture himself in making the boxes.



When file is opened, make sure you set ‘Parallel Projection’ in the ‘Camera’ menu.




Set the view to ‘Top’.




Adjust the Sketchup window size for a minimal border between the window and the drawing. (this part is a bit awkward, but it’s the way Sketchup makes up his print area.)



Check the Sketchup print-settings in the ‘File’ menu, choose ‘Print Preview’.

On the next window, uncheck following:

  • Fit to page
  • Use model extends
  • Use High Accuracy HLR


You can choose to print in ‘High Definition’ in the dropdown menu

Last thing: make sure the scale is 1 on 1 (whatever the measurement unit).




When/If (make a few tries to get it fit) the print preview is on one page, you can go ahead, and push ‘print’.

Don't forget to change Landscape/Portrait option in your printer's own settings.



Hopefully this might help some of you..


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Your boxes look amazing! You really have done a great job there buddy. I would absolutely LOVE to get these printred up. But sadly where I print my files (at work) I can't install Sketch Up, so I imagine this is out of the question for me :( I may just have to buy me a printer at home just so I can do this! :)

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Thanks, and you're right printing is the biggest problem .. I don't have a colour printer either, but I'm lucky to have many 'clients' for my work, so I just have to be patient, and wait for a day I visit a customer with a good printer. :-)

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Just finished the pawn-box this weekend (build), made the necessary adaptations to the files, and took some pictures.

Here's the 3D preview:


Here's the .skp file:


And here are a few w.i.p. pics:







I might need to change the central dividers to change the size, and fit the woodland tokens too. (and the 'event dice') But that's not much work >> tbc (to be continued)




Here's the complete (no Woodlands) boxes collection:



AND the proof all fit in the original box .. (without figurines, as mine are painted, they're stored otherwise)


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well, i am having a birthday party next weekend.  And this is one of the few opportunities i can get a group together to play this game.  So I tried this.  I don't have much craft skill, but it turned out okay.


Some comments


Why is there a blue rectangle with the Spells/Magic?


I had difficulty with the Dragon box because there was no lines on the outside to help me figure out where the dividers should go (unlike the Purchases box)


The Treasure "slot" for highlands and Dungeon were one of the harder things to glue on.  And was nearly impossible to get the Talisman holder put into the Warlord Quest/Rewards box


After some trial and error I realized the single slot adventure box could not be printed on a standard (8/5 x 11) piece of paper.  Not to mention at the moment I question the strength of the box to hold all the Adventure cards.


When you say "Cardboard" what are you talking about? 


I used 110 pound index, and i think that was a bit too much.

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Hi Kinnison,
Just saw your reaction, sorry for late reply ;-)

first off, thanks for your feedback!

Cardbox: I did mine with 80Lbs/300gms, and they seem to hold fine, even the long 'adventure box' stays straight with that paper-weight. I can imagine 110Lbs might be slightly 'heavy' to cut and glue, indeed.

Dragonbox: lines should be on the inside, but then I only print 'one side' of the paper, so you might want to mesure and divide by 3, and put a light pencil mark as a guide. (I don't see another solution unless to print an 'inside' too)

Highland and Dungeon rewards: I made/glued the main box first, then fold the 'reward' and simply glued it on the outside of the mainbox. (you can even choose the side)


Warlord Quest/Rewards: you are right, this part is a bit hard .. I made the 'main board, then slided the 'talisman' division in the middel, trying to center it as good as I could with a ruler inside it.

format: I don't know for the 'letter' paper-format, but it prints on an A4 paper, which is ALMOST the same, but slightly larger. I might indeed try to 'split off' one side (front or back) so it fits better on a page with Letter format.

Blue rectangle in Magic box: investigating, but I don't see it .. If it's very light blue, I think it might be a card (on a nother layer), this helped me for the proportions of the boxes ..  it doesn't need to be printed of course. (try to disable the unnescessary layers in sketchup before printing)

Hope this sheds some light on the mysteries :-)

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Great job and really inspiring!


At the moment, i'm gathering quality material and will attempt to create my own set with everything you have to offer here!


Will post photos in the near future!


Thanks a lot!

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4 boxes are ready and i must say that the result is amazing, even though i'm planning to re-do at least 2 of the boxes and use a thicker cardboard. Definitely recommended for any Talisman fan.


Adventure and Highlands deck boxes currently being pressed, so as soon as those are ready and done, will post some pictures of my completed boxes.


Oh, and for anyone who's tried printing the adventure deck box, I recommend ticking the "Fit to page" option in the print options... There's no other way to do it. 

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The Character cards deck. Deniax states that this box is to fit all the big cards (Characters, endings, toad cards) but i'm personally using it strictly for the character cards. Just shuffle the cards, put them neatly back in this box and draw your random character  :)



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The Purchase deck which features 6 slots for different decks (The purchase deck, the stables deck and the City shop decks). Will definitely be redoing this one though as it was made with much lighter cardboard and doesn't feel as sturdy.



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The Quest Box which features 3 pockets. One for warlock quests, one for rewards and a middle extra thin slot (bit tricky to assemble) for the 4 talisman cards. Will surely have another go at it  :)



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And lastly, the Spells deck. This one was the very first one and even though i felt it would be an epic fail (thinner cardboard, zero experience), it turned out okay. Will also redo it with heavier and sturdier cardboard however.



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So, wanna say a huge thanks to Mr. Deniax for sharing this great idea and most importantly for spending much of his valuable time and effort to give to the community these files  :)  I know he hasn't been online for over 2 months now but i'm sure he'll be glad to see that his work is appreciated.


Still have a few more boxes to create and will be back in the near future when all is completed and just wanna say how cheap but fantastic looking all this has been and i strongly encourage every fan of Talisman to give it a go  :D  :D

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