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Facing The Trials: How to prepare for Store Championships pt.2

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Part 2. The Trial of Courage 
So you have played a tournament winning deck. You have won and lost, you have watched videos and heard commentary of how it was played. You should have a good idea of why the deck worked. Maybe its because you saw the value in Slave Trade (Zach Bunn) capturing cards and giving them back so you can have card advantage. Maybe You saw how important 2 cost units with blast damage are. Whatever it was that you learned hold onto it. The meta of SWLCG is about to change as stores are about to receive Between the Shadows. So what do you do next? Create your own deck. This can be difficult, sometimes you want to play it safe, you want to play what works, maybe you really like Jedi’s with shielding, or Sith working Slavers. But if you love SW than I am sure there are some decks you have been wanting to build since the LCG launched. So do it. Don’t give up in trying to figure out what deck is the best. Play the deck you want to play and make it good. Sure maybe that means putting in a pod or two that doesn't fit the theme but are solid choices. Just don’t let that dictate your deck. 

Here is something I look forward too. When I was a kid I received Star Wars Shadows of the Empire for Christmas on the N64. I had the comics, toys and book as well. I loved it. Prince Xizor is one of my all time favorite villains. I want him to work, I want to play it, I want to win with him. So I have to take a chance, I will sit down and work from his Objective Set Master Manipulation. Once you know what objective you want to base your deck of go from there. Look at the other affiliations and figure what objectives will work with it. Set them all aside and begin throwing something together. Once you have something together you think will work, keep some of those other objectives that didn't make the cut and keep them close to you as you face the next Trial. 

For a rough Draft this is what I am thinking for a Prince Xizor Deck.
Scum Affiliation 
2x Masterful Manipulation 
2x Council of the Sith 2x Emperors Web 
2x The Slave Trade
2x Agent of the Emperor

Now I don’t know how this deck is going to do, It will change a lot, but I have to put it together and find out how its going to work Check in next week when we Face the Trial of Flesh. -

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