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Epic? Act I vs II? Campaign?

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Hey guys,


My daughter's and I played our first game -- First Blood.  As the OL, I pulled a couple punches but still went at them pretty hard, and they won (this is a good thing to fuel their enthusiasm).  We had a few rule questions (Word of Misery, Stand Up clarification) but I searched through here and got the answers needed.  


We want to play a bit more to get the mechanics under our belt.  Since some here have said that playing 4 heroes is the best balance for the game, I have thought about replaying First Blood with each playing 2 heroes this time, but I am also looking forward to different encounters.


On the score, are we best off following the order in the quest book--Fat Goblin 1&2, Castle Daerion 1&2, etc?  


Also, I am a bit confused by some of the terminology: what are the following and how do they differ from one another:  Epic play, Campaign, Act 1 and Act 2?  


We have enjoyed the basic game and introductory encounter, I am just wondering where/how to proceed now.


Thanks for the help.

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What are the following? epic paly, campaign act 1 and act 2

 both are in the role book p.gs. 19 to the end.


Epic play.

 Is for playing the quests as a stand alone game


with Basic, Avanced and Epic (being the same as) Normal, Hard and Hardest.


Campiagn is 9 quests strung together starting with first blood and following its own path bast on who wins and losses each quest. Choses are made and the Act 1 quest turn in to Act 2 questes after the Interlude quest is run and the shop and monsters all start using the act 2  cards as well.


Hope this helps i learning it too


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I'll add a little more details:


There are three ways of playing the game -  Single quest; Epic game and Campaign. 


Most complete gaming experience you get when you play Campaign mode. In this mode you play a few quests in a certain sequence, and in this mode there is an additional phase between quests, when players upgraded their characters, spending gold (buying shop items)  and experience (take new class abilities), earned in each quest.

Also there is travel step between quests (according to the map on back of questbook), when you get some event before starting the quest.


Single quest - is exactly what you did in "First Blood". Just playing one quest without any other things.


Epic game - it's a cross between a single game and campaign, when you play one simple quest on your choice, but before starting you get a certain amount of money and exp for spending, as if you gained them from the previous quest, if you've played the campaign.


The campaign mode consist of act1 and act2 phases. The first half of the game corresponds to the act1 phase, the second half - act2 (cards of the act2 represent more powerful items, more powerful monsters and etc, just to match the upgraded and more powerful heroes).


The order of quests and their choice is tracked in the log.




Any campaign game consist of:


• The Introduction
• Three Act I quests (green)
• The Interlude
• Three Act II quests (orange)
• The Finale


Just after finale there is a winner of the game.

As you can see - there is much more quests in the book than one campaign needs - you can play basic box several times and get different campaigns.


You  can read more about this on pages 20-22 of rulebook.

I strongly advise you to play the campaign mode - the only way to get the most complete gameplay.

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To add to one Ogre's post, In each act, tehre are more quests than the three needed for the campaign. The winner of the preceding quest gets to choose the next one.


So since your daughters won, they get to choose the next one, not necessarily Fat Goblin. When you, as the OL, win, you'll get to choose the quest you like to follow-up. Since all the information in Descent is open, everyone is allowed to see what the rewards for a given quest are, as well as the quest set up. This can help you choose which quest is better, for whoever gets to choose.

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