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Fan-made campaigns for playing

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I wrote a big post on BGG, but maybe there are people here who do not visit BGG.
I made a few mini-campaigns booklets, using custom quests, shared here in
Quest Vault.


It is ready for printing (double-sided, A4) and playing as campaign.


The King of All Goblins - several single quests.

Farrow's Jiggery-Pokery - single quests + abandoned campaign beginnings

In Search of Ancient Power - Zaltyre's campaign united with Nomakz's "campaign"


Also, I laid out a booklet for the Call of the Necromancer campaign, but since the author has not finished yet the final quest, and writes that he going to update all the quests soon - I didn't really invest my time to it, just laid out all quests together, and made campaign log; no cover, no map.

Call of the Necromancer


pic2351191_t.jpg   pic2351189_t.jpg  pic2351190_t.jpg  pic2351188_t.jpg

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Oh, for sure! When I was planning the map, I have prepared some labyrinth, but then forgot where I wanted to use it.

My gaffe.


FaethonXNemesis - any time, pal ;)

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