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The Mick

Question about wall edge and movement/LOS

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Hey guys, 


question that isn't clearly answered in the line of sight examples in the Rules booklet.


Let's see there is a wall like in the photo below:




Question 1) Can a character move from A to B with only 1 movement point?

Question 2) Can a character in A melee attack a hostile in B?


In other words, is A considered adjacent to B?



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The rules relevant to your example are basically: Line of Sight is traced from any corner to any corner, and figures are considered adjacent if their squares are next to each other and don't share a complete edge containing a wall or impassible terrain. Figures can also move through a corner of walls or blocking terrain, as long as there is no intersection.


So yep, a character in A can melee attack a character in B cos they're adjacent, and moving from A to B cost 1Point.

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