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skull lleader 86

Facing The Trials: How to prepare for Store Championships pt.1 - See more at: http://teamcovenant.com/skullleader86/2014/12/22/facing-the-trials-how-t

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Part 1. Trial of Skill


Since this game is a LCG you have easier access to every deck possible. This is has attracted many players to the game and is a key selling point. No chasing rares, no competing with your wallet  and easy access to every card.  Because of the small card pool it has been obvious on which decks have been the best over the years.  We have seen Sith Control, Slueth Scouts, Mains and Force Lock. We all had the cards to play these decks, and it came down to skill and luck on who was going to win with them.


So what does this mean as  you approach your first Store Championship ? What I would I suggest for you is to look at some of these decks from the past. Whether it’s just what we saw top 8 at worlds or something further back and play that deck.  By sitting down and building a “Teir 1”  deck you are going to learn why it played so well.


Let’s use Sith Control as an example


2x Plan of the Prophetess

2x  Fall of The Jedi

2x Emperors Web

2x Council of the Sith

2x Agent of the Emperor


Put this deck together or any variation where you can also watch a recorded match  on Youtube provided by our friends from Team Covenant.  Watch how it’s played,  watch several videos if you can. Look at how great players like Dennis Harlien or Zach Bunn use their events.  Watch for opportunities to defend, attack and who to commit to the force.  Then sit down with a friend or go to a weekly event and play the deck. Take your time with it, play a lot of games, and take a few minutes after each one and analyze what you did well, and what you did wrong. This is a little bit easier with a deck we’ve created from an online list. Because we have seen videos, we should know when to play a sith lightning and who to tactics down.  Keep playing the decks you choose until you feel like you are making the best decisions when you play them against your opponent.


After you have logged several hours and games with these decks, you will have a good idea of what made these decks work,  their number of 2 Cost  units , their resource cost curves, their draw and their synergy. Your critical thinking skills will also have gone up a few points.  You will need all this knowledge and experiences in order to help through the rest of these trials and prepare for your Store Championship.


  ”You will need all of your skill to survive.”-kento marek


Check back with me next week for pt. 2  Trial of Courage


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