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Question about money during "search tokens"

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For Istance: 

the potion has the effect to remove 1 fatigue 

it gives 50 golds.

does it give them to all heroes so, 50+50+50+50 (we play in 4)? or just for the one that is searching? 

The rules says exaclty like this: 

  1. gold: When playing the campaign, this number shows how much gold the players have earned, in addition to the abilities listed on the card. 

Can someone helping me clarify?


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First, fatigue potions remove ALL your fatigue, not just one. There is no potion who only remove 1 fatigue ;)


That being said, it gives 50 gold to ALL the team. Not to the one who got it, and not for each player of the team.


Used or not, at the end of each quest (not encounter, quest !), every search card with an amount of gold is sell for its amount. This amount of gold is put in the whole team pool of gold so they can spend it to buy new items.


So it doesn't really matters who got it, at the end it benefit for the whole team, but just once (50 gold, no more, for all the players).


All the golds are shared by the whole team anyway, as much for the buying phase than the selling phase.

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Assuming you are playing a campaign, then the relevant rule is on page 20 of the base rules:


Step 1: Receive Gold from Search Cards: Record the total gold value of
every Search card the heroes acquired over the course of this quest
on the Campaign sheet (even if the Search card was used during the
quest). Then return all Search cards to the deck (even if the heroes
didn’t use their abilities). The heroes are assumed to sell their newly
discovered treasures in Arhynn.
So if the card says 50 gold, you only collect 50 gold once, at the proper time (not when you get the card).  But all of the gold goes into a pool that can be used by any player (or players) to purchase items that are revealed from the Act I or Act II deck (Step 5 of the campaign phase).
:ph34r: 'd by Kyarn above.
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