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This could easily have league rules.

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I used to be a big Blood Bowl player, and its thrill is undeniable: evolving teams, rivalries and emerging star players, team "management" for when one of your players is injured, etc. It's a great feeling.


Provided the game has some facilities for it, you can sometimes "tack on" league rules on them. You can see a (very good) example of this with Rekkon's Galactic Civil War rules for X-Wing. Seriously, check them out.


SW: IA is the most promising game for this kind of play that I've seen for a long time now.


There are basically two concepts at the base of league play, which are progression and handicap, both of which are necessary for the "league thing" to happen. You'll see them in pretty much all "simulation sports games", but not all games take them easily.


Progression is very easy to do with this, with upgrade cards and equipment. You can personnalize heroes, give them names, and make them progress along their path, choosing options and giving them personnality.


Having a point value Handicap should also be easy to do... just off the top of my head, I figure drawing X number of cards from the Skirmish upgrade deck to fill the point difference between the Squads.


What I'm saying is: this shows great promise for league play. Once I've played a few Skirmish game I'll probably try my hand at writing some home rules on them... that should be fun :D


Anybody else thinking the same thing?

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