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Prince Imrahil Leads the Elves

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I've been playing around a bit abstaining from using the core set and so I have more deck freedom to play with other card options. I've put together a fairly simple strategy that has proven pretty fun.

The idea here is super straight forward: use Prince Imrahil every turn, and try to avoid doing it by suicide. Children of the Sea and Feigned Voices give a more productive use for meat shields like the refugee. Galadriel's power basically let's me quest and throw an ally to his/her doom if needed. Caldara could be swapped for Glorfy with little significant change to the deck, but I liked it this way to be able to bump up Caldara's resource in a pinch and have a better defense baseline for the Dunedain warning (also, my Frodo is being used by a friend with a hobbit stoner deck). Caldara's power also gives a last-second emergency ally and readies Imrahil under extreme emergency. Lastly, I'm sure a lot of people noticed this, but Nenya and Miruvor on Galadriel is basically guaranteed both questing and threat reduction any turn when needed and getting miruvor right back, or bail on miruvor if another one comes into hand to get another effect. Anyway, this has worked pretty well, and has proven pretty fun. I almost never use the mirror, but whatever, there was a card slot for it.


Hero: (3)

1x [LOTR=Celebrimbor's Secret]Galadriel[/LOTR]

1x [LOTR=TBoG]Caldara[/LOTR]

1x [LOTR=AJtR]Prince Imrahil[/LOTR]


Ally: (25)

3x [LOTR=Celebrimbor's Secret]Galadriel’s Handmaiden[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=Celebrimbor's Secret]Orophin[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=TDF]Silvan Refugee[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=TWitW]Arwen Undomiel[/LOTR]

2x [LOTR=TBR]Rivendell Scout[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=TDM]Dunedain Watcher[/LOTR]

2x [LOTR=TDM]Elfhelm[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=AoO]Pelargir Shipwright[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=VOI]Saruman[/LOTR]


Attachment: (13)

1x [LOTR=Celebrimbor's Secret]Mirror of Galadriel[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=Celebrimbor's Secret]Nenya[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=THfG]Dunedain Mark[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=CatC]Dunedain Warning[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=SaF]Miruvor[/LOTR]


Event: (12)

3x [LOTR=TBoG]Children of the Sea[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=The Three Trials]Feigned Voices[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=TWitW]Elrond's Counsel[/LOTR]

3x [LOTR=HON]Wealth of Gondor[/LOTR]

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