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Dust Cloud + Attack and Transform + Movement

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Hello everyone,


I am new to the forums. Me and my girlfriend just bought Wiz-War recently. We are thrilled with the game.


We encountered on some unspecified rules and I wanted just to check in here for opinions.


1. When two wizards are on square where Dust Cloud is placed. Can they attack each other and what sort of attack is legit (Spell, Item, Physical?). I read somewhere that only physical attack can be used and that we have to roll a die in order to see if we can attack. Still not sure what number we have to get in order to attack.


2. For transformations that are specified that they can only use counter spells or any transformation for that matter. Can they use Energy Cards in order to boost their movement?


That is it from me now. Thx in advance for reply.

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I'm a little new to Wiz War, but I'd think that if you transform, you can still spend energy to boost movement. 

And in a Dusto cloud, I'm not sure.  I would think you can still punch, but that may be it. 

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