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Librarian Astelan

Skitari stats

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And another one: I couldn't seem to find the stats for a skitari (basic model).


I was aiming for something like this:


WS: 45

BS: 50

S: 40

T: 40

Ag: 40

Int: 35

Per: 35

WP: 30

Fel: 20


As to skills, I think only combat oriented skills should be taken into account: Awareness, Dodge, Parry and since it is Mechanicus: Tech Use, common lore (tech) and common lore (Adeptus Mechanicus).


Concerning talents, I would go in the direction of lasweaponry and perhaps some accurate shot business. Wounds about 15.


What do you guys think?

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Taken from Frozen Reaches (old RT) skitary had:


WS: 40

BS: 40

S: 40 (SB 5)

T: 40

Ag: 30

Int: 30

Per: 35

WP: 40

Fel: 15


Wounds: 15

Armour: All 6

Auguments: Synthetic Muscle Grafts, Subskin armour, Augument senses (hearing, sight), Vox implant

Weapons choose one:


Augumented Lasguns  - essentialy lasguns with full auto, and +1 dmg, +1 pen

Precision Boltguns - Accurate Boltguns


Rotary Cannon - 1d10+5 I, Pen 3, 40m, heavy, -/-/6, storm

Automatic Gren launcher - S/2/- with frag or krak


Sidearm: Hellpistol or shotgun pistol

Melee: Chainblade or mono great axe


Yours stats are good for skitari tribune, just give him 20 wounds, unnatural str 8, 30 Fel, command +20, and power glaive, maybe plasma pistol.


Those stats above are weak. I remember that in some book for Black Crusade, there were skitari stats, which were sick. Without autocannon, you really had a hard time dropping one. Picture something like unnatural toughness and strenght 2 plus carapace armour and machine 2-3, true grit and 15-20 wounds.

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