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Alex Cube

Highlanders in DH: Fate-Eaters

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Interested in some input about Fate-Eaters, how You handle them and a bit of clarifications.


- Fate Pariah. It says that Imperial Diviners cannot divine their future (fate), does that mean that they are immune to divinations (because fate-eaters fluff suggests it) and if yes do they interfere with divinations (fates) of others or not -- like diviner could not see that some Guy Enpeasee will not do SomeGreatDeed because he's gonna be killed by fate eater whom he could not see because fate-eater reasons. That is important for other PCs too because if so than if a party has a Fate-Eater in a team and a diviner then diviner would be mislead most of the time in his divinations because, simply speaking, his "calculations" of future didn't include fate-eaters actions which interfere with future of the whole party.


- Parallels Crossing. How I understand it is that when FE (Fate-Eater) kills another guy with fate points he gets a bit of what was intended to happen to the guy he killed (but not necessary in exact same way -- like if he was a heretic supposed to willingly summon a greater daemon then FE PC who killed him might through his actions unintentionally cause the same). A problem that I see here is that if Fate-Eater takes on fate of those whom he kills and fate of those victims was predicted and known than if my logic is right then Fate-Eaters fate can actually be known at least partially depending on how many fate-pointed people had he killed, simply put if we know fate of some person with FP and then that person gets killed by Fate-Eater who gets his fate then we actually know Fate-Eaters fate, which is a logical contradiction to what is said in fluff about them.


- Scissors of Atropos. Some experienced (not even necessarily ascension-grade) FE PCs can kill A LOT of touched by the fates NPCs and probably other PCs too, so how can You possibly handle dozens of different and possibly contradicting fates in one character? Besides the fact that there may be logical dead-ends in some cases - for example if one (Guy A) was supposed to be a victim of Guy B and Fate-Eater killed both of them, then what, he should kill himself? And if that seems easy here's the hard one - A is fated to kill B and die while doing that, but our FE PC killed B first, so how would killing A afterwards affect PC? Although I have some ideas how to fix this into working it is highly theoretical and I'd appreciate any input on this one.


- You Are What You Kill. Fate-Eaters take on fates of those whom they've killed so from what I can see is that if You will kill heretics/daemons/traitors than You'll have their fate like putting a sector on fire, creating a warp-torn world or summoning a greater daemon and becoming a heretic. If, on the other hand, You kill someone like Sebastian Thor, fated to put Ecclesiarchy out of stagnation then You will be fated to do just that. And that makes killing bad guys a very bad idea while killing saints a best way of becoming a saint too which is insane -- for example killing Emperor (who has Fate Points for sure) makes You be Fated to do all the deeds Emperor should've done which is actually cool but nonsense-like.

After re-reading this post I laughed hard and changed the topic name on imagining some PC entering Emperors Throne room with a power sword in his hand saying "there can be only one" :lol: :lol: :lol:


- Different Shades of Gray. It is said that Fate-Eater can not have more than one divination of the same type, does that mean that if FE rolls a divination that he already has than he has to re-roll divination until he gets one that he doesn't have or just get no divination at all? And then what should be done when FE has all of the divinations, start it anew keeping all the previous divinations or that's just it, no more divinations for You, Fate-Glutton? Then If FE kills some guy that has FP and GM wants him to be saved by burning a fate point, so that means that FE will not get new divination and so know for sure that his enemy is alive, and that is bad for storytelling you know. Otherwise if You award a FE PC with his new divination for killing that guy and he doesn't kill BBEG because another PC does that You'll have to take away that divination. Then again can guys with multiple FPs be "killed more than once" for purposes of gaining that persons FPs mechanically, possibly no but nevertheless question still stands.


- Fatum Vorare. What, if any, effects should fate-eating have on FE PC except divinations? Like mannerisms or maybe some memories, and what if killed one was a psyker, does that affect psychic potential of Fate-Eater in any way? What if FE PC is a divinator himself? Or can he be untouchable/discordant? What should happen if one FE kills another FE (except of bolts of lightning and Queen - Princess of the Universe playing in the background)?


On second thought it turns out that Fate-Eaters are very contradictory to use, so I would appreciate any input

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I think you go to far in your interpretation of the concept:

1st: Fate/Destiny encompass ALL of your life and destiny. So if i buy your take on the fact that you get the fate of some other people, then look at this that way: Guy B is supposed to die when Killing guy C. FE kills Guy B and then what? His fate is manything. You could just take one of the many things happened or are to happened in his fate.

More than this, why should fate be the SPECIFIC event. Fate could be as vague as "You'll become a kinslayer" "you'll become the death of world"


The guy he killed was going to unleashed a demonic plague on a world and had a fate that told that he would be the killer of a world. Now, that won't happen, but the FE is now going to be a killer of world; a few years later, prosecuting a powerful daemon, the character is now an Inquisitor and call exterminatus on the planet; he did kill a world.

My take on it? Fate is the vibration an entity (person, daemon, xenos, toaster, etc.) has in the warp (we must remeber that the warp is a sea of symbolism, emotions and raw power). Since the warp is intemporal (or, let's be more precise, the time flows differently in the warp and can go forward or backward), fate is those places where the emotional/symbolique events are so strong that they vibrate in many possible futures and pasts, so you are more likely to get there, hence in game terms, you've got fate points.


Since nothing is fixed in the future in the 40k universe, it is still possible that you just die, but the chances are, since the Warp strongly resonates with those possible events, that you'll have some "help" in getting there (fate points). 



While normal people can be fixed in events that resonnate strongly in the warp, their conscience, power and importance in those potential events is so small that they do not vibrate enough to have that "help" (Hence, all the NPCs that do not have fate points), they still resonnate, but not enough and their future is then easily disturbed/mouldable.


Now, we go to the fate eater; that guy has something on him (curse, power, whatever) that makes him not only not resonating enough in the warp to get these possible futures and having more chances of getting to them, the warp is just not able to resonnate with him at this level. The Fate Eater is just a kind of space-time anomally and more than this, has the capability at gaining the resonnance of "fated" individuals when killing them. He is a kind of destiny vampyre, but do not get necessarily the future supposed for the fated person he killed. (but the warp being what it is, you could decide that for some fate eaters and not for others, which is nice!)


In my opinion, a diviner is just a tarot reader and/or other type of things and have no importance in the "reality" behind, the warp resonate with the fated characther's destiny, and his divination is just a fun way of giving a bonus, not necessarily hard materials for the character's future.


Now, for the game terms; I would let the fate eater get the divination from a character that die but would come back, I would simply not give him twice or thrice if the FE happen to kill many time the same character. Then, your storytelling isn't broken.


You can even interpret the situation by giving the FE dreams about the guy he killed and etc. 



Personnaly, I just see fate eater as an abomination that empowers itself when killing "resonnant" (fated) individuals.

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