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when everyone is waiting for new expansions and meta is dominated by super jedi and sith decks, I propose a new fresh alternative tournament format to have fun and explore SW LCG in new way - VEHICLES & DROIDS !!! the rule is ne and simple: decks for both sides can be made only with sets with at least 1 vehicle or droid card - enjoy and have fun ;-)


DARKSIDE - Total Cards: (165)

Objective: (33)
1x Black Squadron Assault (Core 21-1)
1x The Heart of the Empire (Core 22-1)
1x Cruel Interrogations (Core 24-1)
1x Kuat Reinforcements (Core 27-1)
1x Death and Despayre (Core 29-1)
1x Defense Protocol (Core 30-1)
1x The Endor Gambit (Core 31-1)
1x Looking for Droids (Core 34-1)
1x Reconnaissance Mission (Core 36-1)
1x Lord Vader's Command (The Desolation of Hoth 41-1)
1x Deploy the Fleet (The Search for Skywalker 46-1)
1x Jabba's Orders (The Search for Skywalker 47-1)
1x A Dark Time for the Rebellion (A Dark Time 51-1)
1x The Hunt for Han Solo (A Dark Time 52-1)
1x The General's Imperative (Assault on Echo Base 56-1)
1x Lucrative Contract (Assault on Echo Base 57-1)
1x Unstoppable Advance (The Battle of Hoth 63-1)
1x The Executor Arrives (Escape from Hoth 66-1)
1x Hunt Them Down (Escape from Hoth 67-1)
1x Jabba's Reach (Edge of Darkness 81-1)
1x The Tatooine Crash (Edge of Darkness 82-1)
1x The Shadow of Nar Shaddaa (Edge of Darkness 83-1)
1x Carbonite Transport (Edge of Darkness 84-1)
1x Imperial Blockade (Edge of Darkness 88-1)
1x Asteroid Pursuit (Edge of Darkness 90-1)
1x Repair and Refurbish (Balance of the Force 95-1)
1x Mercenary Support (Balance of the Force 96-1)
1x The Dark Trooper Project (Heroes and Legends 101-1)
1x Victory or Death (Lure of the Dark Side 105-1)
1x The Findsman's Intuition (Lure of the Dark Side 106-1)
1x The Second Phase (Join Us or Die 114-1)
1x The Droid’s Task (It Binds All Things 121-1)
1x Superior Numbers (Darkness and Light 125-1)

LIGHTSIDE - Total Cards: (140)

Objective: (28)
1x A Journey to Dagobah (Core 4-1)
1x The Secret of Yavin 4 (Core 5-1)
1x Last Minute Rescue (Core 6-1)
1x The Defense of Yavin 4 (Core 8-1)
1x Mission Briefing (Core 9-1)
1x The Rebel Fleet (Core 11-1)
1x Draw Their Fire (Core 12-1)
1x Mobilize the Squadrons (Core 13-1)
1x Hoth Operations (The Desolation of Hoth 38-1)
1x Renegade Squadron Mobilization (The Search for Skywalker 44-1)
1x Preparation for Battle (The Search for Skywalker 45-1)
1x Prepare for Evacuation (A Dark Time 49-1)
1x Last Defense of Hoth (Assault on Echo Base 54-1)
1x Frozen Refuge (Assault on Echo Base 55-1)
1x Attack Pattern Delta (The Battle of Hoth 59-1)
1x A Hero's Resolve (Escape from Hoth 64-1)
1x Evacuation Procedure (Escape from Hoth 65-1)
1x Raise the Stakes (Edge of Darkness 70-1)
1x Asteroid Sanctuary (Edge of Darkness 72-1)
1x Across the Anoat Sector (Edge of Darkness 74-1)
1x Escape from Ord Mantell (Edge of Darkness 75-1)
1x Alderaan's Promise (Edge of Darkness 77-1)
1x Blue Squadron Support (Balance of the Force 92-1)
1x The Flight of the Crow (Knowledge and Defense 107-1)
1x Along the Gamor Run (Knowledge and Defense 109-1)
1x Green Squadron Deployment (It Binds All Things 118-1)
1x A Deep Commitment (Darkness and Light 122-1)
1x Impersonating a Deity (Darkness and Light 123-1)

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