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Hastur Starter Deck

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Hello everyone,


a friend of mine finally wants to get into COC. He is an avid lover of Hastur. So, naturally, he wants to kick things off with a deck of The Unspeakable One. Unfortunately, I only have experience with my Miskatonic and Yog-Sothoth decks, so I don't have a clue how my friend could get started. Do you have any ideas which expansions (besides the Core Set) would help him most with his Hastur Deck?



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The Hastur box has been announced and without a doubt that will be the most beneficial by a long shot once it's available in a month or two perhaps.


A few particular good cards and their expansions:

Cavern of Flame: In the Dread of Night

Stygian Eye: Into Tartarus

Dangerous Inmate or Deranged Diva: Screams from Within/Words of Power

Sieur Piriou Louis: The Key and the Gate


Right now before the box, a mono Hastur deck for me usually consists of a combination of Lunatic and take-control themes.  There is no one pack where these are concentrated though, and there aren't really powerhouse Hastur characters that drop into ANY deck.  Something like Sieur Piriou Louis is probably closest to that.  Rather, you're going to pick guys that fit the strategy you're trying to leverage.


Opening things up to a second faction gives you more room, for instance you can do a Cultist themed deck with Hastur + Cthulhu or Yog pretty well and use Harbinger of Insanity (Murmurs of Evil) which is a pretty fun deck.


Anyway, there will likely be all sorts of new mono options available when the box comes out and it shouldn't be too long so I'd wait and see how that turns out first and then decide what themes you want to build towards.

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