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Decimator and Shuttles vs B-Wings (pics)

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Imperial Assault Force vs Farlander Sings the Blues:




Captain Oicunn

  • Daredevil
  • Engine Upgrade
  • Dauntless

Captain Yorr


Omicron Group Pilot

  • Darth Vader



Keyan Farlander

  • Veteran Instincts
  • Advanced Sensors

Blue Squadron B-Wing

Blue Squadron B-Wing

Blue Squadron B-Wing





Turn 1:


Darth Vader's shuttle stops, Yorr picks up the stress and immediately clears it with a green manoeuvre.  The B-Wings move slowly forward and barrel roll away from the imperials.


Turn 2:


Only the decimator moves forward.  All other forces just hold position or inch forward and barrel roll sideways.


Turn 3:


The B-Wings turn into the board edge predicting that the Decimator will move full forward to pass them, but the imperial list only inches 1 forward.  Due to distances and arcs, the Decimator manages to take a shot at one of the B-Wings without any returned fire.  A perfect start for the forces of order!


Turn 4:

Now the decimator makes a run for it, gunning full 4 forward and boosting, managing to get out of arc to most of the B-Wings.  The shuttles hang back and open fire.  The rebel forces are sandwiched in, but the rebel assault fighters are the perfect ships to weather any storm with their combined 32 health!  Yorr's shuttle takes a beating but Lord Vader personally finishes off one of Blue Squadron.



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Turn 5, Movement:


Captain Oicunn manages to make a full rotation with the help of boost to face the b-wings (not sure why as it is a turreted shp).  Farlander uses advanced sensors and does a hard 1 right to get a stress token to use against the decimator.


Turn 5, Shooting:


Farlander and Blue take out all of the decimator's shields and put 1 hull damage on it.  Yorr looses his remaining shield and 2 hull.  In return, two of the B-Wings loose 2 shields each.


Turn 6, Movement:


One of the B-Wings turns to shoot at Vader's shuttle but as luck would have it rather than stopping it moved forward and out of the B-Wings arc.  The decimator bumps Farlander doing 1 damage and uses Dauntless + Yorr to get a target lock.  In a brilliant manoeuvre, Farlander rolls to the left and backward to purposely cancel its 2-K turn so it can instead fire on Yorr!  Farlander is just such a beast!


Turn 6, Bloodbath ... errr shooting:


Farlander goes down. but not before he takes down Yorr!  The decimator picks up another 3 hull damage but has 8 health left.  The Empire has this in the bag!


Turn 7:


In a moment of profound stupidity, I decide to hard 3 the decimator to the left, clipping an asteroid with the back edge of the ship and earning myself damaged sensor array, no boosting until it is fixed!  In addition to the asteroid the left B-Wing puts 2 more damage into the ship.  The right B-Wing lands on a rock but Vader's ship fails to capitalize on the mistake.


Turn 8:

Turn8_Movement_zpsed583f71.jpgThe decimator makes a run for it and is just barely outside of range of the B-Wings.  Unfortunately I couldn't fix the sensor damage, so boosting is till out of the question.  Vader's shuttle makes a wrong turn and is out of the fight.  What a disaster for the Imperial force!


Turn 9:


The decimator does a hard 3 left in the hope that the B-Wings will have started turning or banking to the right but alas that was not the case.  The calmly forward moving B-Wings finish off the decimator.  Vader decides that he has better things than getting shot to pieces and punches the hyperdrive out of there.

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I love seeing the shuttles as escorts than the other way around. It would be awesome to see that setup as a strike force against the Tantive!


My opponent for this game was the one that came up with the idea of using the shuttles as an escort:  Have the Decimator move forward (it can take care of itself) and leave the shuttle lagging behind a bit, sandwiching the opponent list between 36 hit point hammer and anvil.  Ironically enough, the person that developed the strategy had it used against them.



Another post that makes me want another Shuttle! 


... Nice report too! ;)


We had a player at the gaming store I go to that was advocating double shuttles long before the "In defense of the shuttle" article came up on FFG, and he showed them how effective they can be.  Before that I didn't even want to touch a single shuttle!

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I lurve my Shuttle... It's the focal point of all my Imperial builds so far! :D


Seriously thinking of getting (at least!) another one. Though I'm a little worried that more than one might dilute the love somewhat.

The only problem I have ever had with running two shuttles is that it increases the chances that my last surviving ship will be a shuttle.  After that, I usually have 1 or 2 shots and the enemy will get behind the shuttle.  If you are running engine upgrades, then you can recover, but without engine upgrades on the white whales the game becomes an automatic loss.


More specifically, I had one game where a damaged Tie Fighter took down a shuttle at full health in the end game after 15 turns of chasing.  It took 15 turns, but without a boost action I never got to shoot at the Tie Fighter.


In another game, my Decimator was taken out by a mixed T/Int, T/F swarm.  I was left with 2 shuttles (Yorr and Vader) vs. 3 3 damaged Tie Fighters and the Tie Fighters won (although I could have played the shuttles much better).


I think 1 vs. 2 shuttles in the same list require different play styles.

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Agreed regarding the difficulty when flying a lone shuttle. I have found the 0 stop to work occasionally (opponent overshooting and ending their movement in front of you). Doesn't happen very often... Though its good when it does! ;)

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