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So..did I do this right? (first time player)

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My friend had ICE Wall of Thorns up in front of his HQ (I had forced him to Rez it previously with an event card)


I had Corroder Installed and made a run


I had 4 credits left.


Initiate Run 1 click (im now out)


Boost Corroder to 5 : 3 credits


1 credit to break Sub Routine of my choice on Wall of Thorns. I picked End Run so I could keep going past it.


I suffered the 2 net damage since I could not break that other sub routine and discarded 2 cards randomly


I hit his HQ and I RANDOMLY? Picked a card from his hand. It was a Operation with no Trash cost. So I had to leave it. So basically I made the run for nothing



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Yup. If a card has no trash cost then you can't trash it (unless you have a card that says otherwise like Imp). It's just the way it goes sometimes I'm afraid.

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