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Crystal Geyser

Black Crusade Sector Generator Thread

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The Draakonnen System


A system of 3 worlds (Draakonis Mater, Draakonis Pater and Draakonis Rex) orbiting a gaint red sun called Draakonis Prime.


The three worlds and indeed the whole space surrounding the planets is ruled by a race of sentient dragons, ranging in size from a Leman Russ to a Battlebarge. Theories about how the worlds are fallen and corrupted Eldar Exodite worlds that got devoured by the warp. Some even theorise that the dragons are a horrible melding of Eldar and their reptillian riding beasts. However those theories tend to get laughed at. The dragons themselves refuse to answer the question of their origins, but instead hint at all manner of possibilities, ranging from fusions of daemon and dinosaurs to a link with the tyranid race...


The dragons are imnesly strong, capable of flight and possess psychic abilities that can easily reach the Alpha level. Their scales are very tough and hunting them requires anti tank weapons (anything under an autocannon = forget it!). However it's more likely that the dragon will be doing the hunting. For the much larger spaceborn dragons, lances and macrocannons are needed to bring one down. Each dragon also possesses a breath weapon of some type, ranging from melta hot fire to lightning to deadly light or noxious vapor.


Dragons are brutal but clever conquerors and slavers. Obsessed with aquiring precious recources and humanoid slaves for eating and sport. (Being a dragon's slave is better than being a dark eldar's captive... but not by much.)

Immense pride, a total lack of mercy and compasion, and a cruel disdain for anything that's not a dragon, round out the dragon personality. Dragons do not fear and worship the chaos gods like other creatures of chaos do, but only pay them lipservice, if that. Most have a cool disdain for the forces of chaos. Something that one day might seal their doom...

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The four Triumvates of Mockery part IV

I just wanted to say, Graves, that I am very much in love with this here concept. 

It reminds me of the planet in Tome of Excess that Slaanesh created as a sick parody of the Imperium, where 2 fanatical human factions are constantly slaughtering eachother. Both of them believe in the Emperor, and both of them are convinced that the others are heretics.

EDIT: Aaaand just realized I went and necroposted. Sorry everybody.

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It seems Cognizar's map is down, but nevertheless I've got some new planets for the Sector!



It’s been a year since the Orks landed. They took out the spaceport, retrofitted it into some kind of manufactorum. We couldn’t stand against them – there were just too many. Most of the survivors have retreated into the underhive, nobles and gang scum alike. It’s almost amusing, really, watching the puffed-up parrots from the high spires still squabbling over palaces of shattered rebar and collapsing rockrete. Don’t they realize that this world is no longer their kingdom?

            A few weeks ago, one of the nobles tried to get together a possee to raid his holdings on the surface – said we could have whatever was still left in his collection, if only he could get his hands on some trinkets. Old family heirlooms, apparently. Go figure. If that’s what matters to him. ‘Cept you don’t go up onto the surface anymore. The glacier that the hive sits on keeps moving around, like there’s something…living…under it. Earthquakes are common – do you call them earthquakes if there’s no land, just ice? Anyways, you’d be lucky to make it a few miles without freezing or falling to your death, and that’s if you’re lucky. If you aren’t, then the Guests get you.

            I remember the first time I saw one of them. I had gone up to the surface – not to stick my head out for some fresh air, mind you, I’m not barking. No, some dolt recruit in the gang pissed off the higher ups, and it ended up being my job to deal with him. As we took the old chain-fed conveyor shuttle up I told him if he got a head start he might be able to make it to another burrow by nightfall.

            When we reached the surface, the entrance was surrounded with ice sculptures of lords and ladies in fancy dress – top hats, coattails, ball gowns, you name it. I figured it was just some prank, kicked him out into the snow, and went back down.

            I went up again week later – the security cams by the main entrance had frozen up and the boss needed me to take a gander at them. The statues were still there. So was the lad I kicked out there last week. It looked like they’d been…dancing with him. As I stared into his frozen, blue eyes, I knew he hadn’t survived it. 

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