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Putting together a new online game!

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Hi guys,


So about six months ago, life got crazy and I was forced to pretty much give up gaming.


Things have settled down a lot and I now have time to run an online game again.


I have a couple players from my old store game. I'm looking for three to four more people that can play Wednesday nights starting at 8PM Centarl time, using Google Hangouts. It's first come first serve and I'll be posting this on the AOR and FnD forums as well.


The only thing you need to know before hand is that I insist upon a zero session. This is where we create characters together and form a cohesive group. This means that while you can play whichever type of character you like as far as profession, species etc, it's not a good idea to have your background mapped out in detail. I like to put all of that together during the zero session.


If you're interested reply here and I'll get back with you. I'll also be online most of the night, so I should be able to get back with you pretty quick.


If there's anyone who knows roll20, I'd love it if I could get you online so I could screw around with the app and get comfortable using it. 

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I'm interested in playing.. however I have a D&D group on Wednesdays that gets over at 10PM. If you do it  on another day I would be excited to join in.

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