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Ekomind - Console Question

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Good afternoon everyone,


Striking while the iron is hot I have another question for you all. The new Anarch console Ekomind coming in All That Remains states:


"Your memory limit is equal to the number of cards in your grip"

My question is around when this Memory Limit would need to be "triggered" e.g. instantly, end of click, end of turn, when next time a program is being installed?


Additionally would it affect your already installed programs if it is triggered as it happens?


If it does affect already installed programs could this result in you having to trash programs mid run?



Many thanks as ever,



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It's instant, in the same way that Order of Sol can trigger mid-event (playing a Sure Gamble when you have 5 credits in your pool will result in 10 credits if you also have Sol installed).


Don't Levy AR if you have Ekomind installed (instant program-wipe!)

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