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New Canadian X-Wing Website. Win a Custom Model

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It's been a while in the making but I've finally set up a website for us Canadians who love Star Wars and X-Wing. Before now there is no place that highlights the Canadian scene.

I'm running an article contest. Best article wins my custom painted Jek Porkins Model. Anyone can enter, Americans are very welcome to post and comment. Indeed your National Champ came up here and stole our Kingston Regional. He beat me in the final four, but it was a pleasure to loose to him, he's a great guy.

Anyway, as I've said best article wins. I will pay shipping to anywhere in Canada, but if you are an American and win the contest, you pay the shipping costs.




To post or comment, you have to join the site. Fill out the contact form or PM me.

We already have some articles up from friends in Vancouver and the Candian Regional winner in Calgary. Our Canadian National Champ is also a member and has posted some comments. I am the Gatineau Regional Champ and top 4 finalist at our Nationals, so I think the site is off to some good representation of the tourney scene at any rate. A podcast is planned in the future.

If you have good battle reports, theories, reviews and custom models to showcase, please feel free to post and share.

So sign up, win a model and keep an eye on the site to see how we roll in the Great White North.

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If I have a word with the Queen and have Canada annexed to have it's status as a former colony of the British Empire revoked, can I enter too?


would you pay the postage in that case?


 If you can pull that off, the answer is yes. lol.

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