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Giving back to the forums

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Hey Guys,


I've been addicted to little plastic ships for about a year now and been on these forums first lurking then a semi-active member since. I've learned alot from this  and since the silliness of certain topics a short time ago or the doom and gloom of metas. wave, etc etc I had wanted to give something back to either stir meaningful conversations or help others the way I learned from certain wise people here. So this is the first of 3 posts I'll try to put out in the next week or it. 

Disclaimer: I don't know everything and lot will be my personal preferences, so love it or hate it, its just food for thought Hopefully others will do the same. I will try to be informative but short and precise.


Giving Back #1

The Evolution of my list


After about my 6th game I had poor results so I started really reading up on all the cards, reading forums for rules and how abilities interacted, and I can up with this list which I called Roark's Rhinos


3 Blue w/Adv. Sensors

Roark w/ Ion Cannon Turret


99 points and with AS and one PS12 I had great flexibility, it was great I was a B-wing fan (since RotJ) and AS keep my foes guessing, gaining INIT. is important since I have such low PS. I won a fairly good amount of Store Championships, kits, AoIA or usually atleast top 3. Pre-phantom some would smile when I told them I had a HWK-290, the irony.


With introduction of Wave 4 I refused to go the HAN/PHANTOM route so I went back and it evolved to:


2 Blue w/Adv. Sensors

Airen Cracken w/Swarm Tactics & Cluster Missiles

Roark w/ Ion Cannon Turret


Still 99pts with Clusters Cracken gives 2 actions out and with Roark that was 2 ships that were PS12 which helped vs. Fat Han/Whisper, echo is easier bc 1 pt INIT bid so I usually shot first with PS 12, 8, 8, 4


The final change was after Reb Aces it became 


1 Blue

Keyan Farlander w/ Opportunist

Airen Cracken w/Swarm Tactics 

Roark w/ Ion Cannon Turret


The list changed alot, the blue become more of a blocker, and unless I was facing a phantom or had to kill a high PS, Every round I has PS 12 (Blue). PS 8 (Cracken & Roark), PS7 (Keyan). Opportunist was the most effective here since either my opponent forgot I had it or watched him struggle with indecision on when to burn focus/evades may times the gamble to keep it didn't pay off.  Phantoms aside useful tactics involved targeting PS 6 or less for the first two rounds, since I was consistently good at dropping almost everything including daggers/blues/even shuttles each round, then focusing on higher PS when they usually only had a ship on two left. Another fun tactic was use the blue to block, then "Roark" Cracken to 12 which he ST the blue so then Cracken shoots, gives the blue a barrel roll back so he takes a point blank shot at a tokenless ship (also great for moving the blue/Keyan off and asteroid so they can shoot), which Opportuntist Keyan can usually finish. Keyan usually Target locked so his stress/focus was most effective otherwise Cracken gave him a focus if needed. Other than Cracken this list as did well out of formation.


It wasn't perfect and I have gotten my butt kicked here and there but won more than lost and would've loved to try it at worlds but couldnt go. and of all my many lists Ive enjoyed flying this list in all its forms the most so try it out, pick it apart, or tell me what I fool I am in such a witty way I can laugh.


Part #2 I'll explain what I found to be the best card storage for all size.


As for the empty post shenanigans, I was just starting to writing this up as the **** cat jumped on the keyboard and then got a call so had to leave to take care of a small family matter.



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Is your phone butt posting?


EDIT: Aha, it was the cat! Yeah, I've got one of those too, so I know where you're coming from.


I hear you on wanting to avoid the Han/Phantom craze. However, I did just get a number of extra TIE fighters, so I flew some Swarm recently (8xAP + 2x Targeting Computer). It's a lot of fun, actually. There's nothing quite like choking up that part of space where you imagine your opponent will be, and then have your opponent do just that and bugger up his actions. So, I suppose I've become a bandwagoner in that respect. I'll get over the shame.


I don't really play rebels, so I have little to comment on your lists.

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