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What's your Kryptonite

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My kryptonite is in my name (and it's even the same color <_< )


After ditching the Tie mini-swarm, which happened after a 3 round tournie where every single game saw them annhilated by 3/4 blanks and inveitable drawings of the Direct Damage card, my game has improved :)


Now my greatest weakness is my own incompetence :(


I'm trying to get better, though. Keyan's being flown more responsibly (and less "oh, let me do this advanced barrel-roll and red manuever to unpredictably land without an enemy ship in my firing arc) and Wedge is being deployed on the flanks instead of in the center of the bloody table where every enemy ship, its dog, its mother, and the whole of its extended family gets to focus him down.


Still have to replace my Imperial mini-swarm with Shuttle + Firespray, so that'll be a whole new bag of worms to go through!

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