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Here are some links I've saved that others may find useful: has a Card List By Expansion thread, including images.


Hobby Before I Die! collects tons of repaints & conversions. [EDIT] Here's the Ultimate Hobby Showcase.


David Pontier (Piqsid) on boardgamegeek has put together some great maneuvering lessons.  I've only got Maneuvers 101 and Maneuvers 302 bookmarked--I haven't found a thread with an index, but I'd bet there is one somewhere.
Couple vs. Cardboard has some informative and entertaining vids.


bulldoguk's space station is just way freaking cool.


Great thread, Juggler -- thanks!

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Okay, still haven't found an index for Piqsid's maneuvering article on bgg, but I did find a pdf containing them all HERE, and the link to it and a Word version HERE.  45 pages, and very useful info.


(These links should probably replace Maneuvers 101 & 302 in your initial post, sir.)

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