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Savio Corvi! Again!

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Hello all,


Copied from the Damon thread into its own topic!!!


Mostly, I am wondering how Savio interacts with attachments support cards- mine, or my opponents. So you can attach cards to him, like Frozen in Time, but he won't be affected by them, so his text won't be blanked them. Furthermore, he gains no icons from beneficial attachments or support cards that provide passive effects (Tattoo Shop's +1 Lore Icon for example) - sure.


But what about cards like Voice of the Jungle, which go onto a story and bind players to it? Alternatively, Yog's Elder Chasm which serves the same purposes and forces a player to commit multiple characters- can Savio waltz on through by himself? or Conspiracies, like Mass Hysteria? How does he interact with those? What about a card like Shub's Abhorant Spores? It doesn't actually provide him any bonuses, its the card thats discarded when he's destroyed. 


Can he EVER be blanked by a non-night or day card? I dont think there are any that could blank him, as they would destroy him when they enter play...  Due to the fact that he can't be targeted by the few cards that could ignore his horror icon to drive him insane, he's virtually immune from ever being flipped over so his ability is always active.


Savio is probably one of my favorite Cultits and Conspirators  :P


I just made another deck with him - Part of the Congress of Keys series!! Its not very good, but its a mix of Yog and Shub and basically involves manipulating the opponents deck hehe.  I am sure its going to get a horrible beating when it goes against my friend tomorrow  :P

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